Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010: Year in Review

I still can't believe that 2010 has come and gone.
Here are some highlights from our year.

In January we rang in the New Year,
rocked Disneyland and California Adventure,
and learned all about the allergist.In February the kids became besties,
we made fantastic treats, and did the Great Skate.
In April I did another (less successful) boutique,
we flew kites, did Easter egg hunts,
and I wrapped up The Errand.
We rocked one last family road trip in the Neon,
I kicked it at BYU Women's Conference,
realized I have a baby doppleganger and
chilled in Price City.
June brought sleeping out in a Chickfila parking lot,
the end of the preschool year, and another boutique.
July was YW Camp, Eclipse with the girls,
more (warmer) swimming lessons,
many, many beach trips with Sprinkles,
Cow Appreciation Day, and
FANTASTIC Fourth of July duds.

In August I became a van driving soccer mom,
took a road trip to Utah in the new swagger wagon,
kidnapped my little sister for a visit,
and celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss.

September I was a lazy blogger and all I've got is
the RAD trip to the Skirball Museum
and the beginning of preschool.

It was all about turkey shirts and turkey pops in November.
Along with a visit from my parents and some fun Fall felt crafting.
(most of which I blogged about on my other blog)
Always a wild ride at our house.
2 birthdays.
1 JUMBO birthday bash.
1 cookie exchange party.
One road trip.
1 MRI.
1 EEG.


Cory said...

Looks lik eyou had lots o' fun!

Jaime said...

Hooray!! We made the review! Did you see ours? :)

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