Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughful Thursday - Summer Awesomeness

Owie. Zowie.
This poor little girl.
If you saw yesterday's post,
you saw this picture.Our friends are the geniuses behind Longboards.
And they are even more genius because now they have a van
the brings the absolute yumminess to you!
It pretty much rocks your socks
and is total awesomespice.

Wednesday they were at K1 Racing,
so we scooted on over to see them.
See that awesome ramp in the background?
The Boy and The Girl
thought it was great fun to run up and down it.
So, like a good mother, I put a stop to it after about 5 minutes -
knowing I was only tempting fate.

Welp, guess it didn't matter, fate was already tempted,
because 15 seconds later, when she was dancing in her own little
2 foot circumference, The Girl totally ate it.
Toe picked her little pink Crocs doing a move
worthy of Yo Gabba Gabba stardrom,
and hit the pavement face first.

Owie. Zowie.
Her two top teeth took a giant chunk of skin
off of her inside upper lip and it bled like mad.
And she had road rash from her lip up inside her nose.
It was so sad.
But her sippy cup of water made it all better.

The Boy need to get in on the close up fun ;)

She's still smiling and she loves Longboards.
Follow the Van. I dare you.

Sunday will decided - We should get the carpets cleaned.
Like tomorrow.
I was like, huh?
Have you seen The Girl's/psuedo craft room?
He was like - DO IT.
So I did.
(luckily their soonest opening was Wednesday)

Now it's beauteous!
(In case you missed the post over at the crafty blog)

Our summer has been awesome.
Totally crazy busy -
but awesome.
Well, let's just be honest, that's how I like to live my life:)

At FHE in the park last week there was a rad lady
painting faces for free.
The Boy got in on the action.
He said he wanted to be Gene Simmons.
Good work, huh?

Just kidding, he wanted to be a panda.
I'll let you be the judge.

We've been to the beach twice in the last two weeks.
Even better, we got free Sprinkles cupcakes both days.
Don't be jealous.

We just finished up our last session of swimming lessons
(pictures coming soon)
and Hero Camp is next week.
And I might be doing a Tour de Cupcakes with friends.


Jaime said...

Haha you've plastered my cute picture everywhere! Tour de cupcake? Why was I not invited?

Kikal said...

She's so adorable! She rocks it, just tell people, "You shoulda seen the other toddler." I finally realized what his face reminded me of, the zoo pals plates! He's so handsome, and getting so tall(er)!

Susan said...

Your children are beautiful.

Wow, what a great job with the face painting!!!

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