Monday, July 20, 2009

Merry Munchkin

We had such a great weekend, well Will had to work and that was yucky, but we tried to tough it out without him. On Friday we went to a birthday party/park day for a friend that is moving away ::sniff:: I had been contemplating going to the Lagoon, but I was just so pooped from my crazy Thursday, that I just had to go home and relax.

When Will got home that night he tried to take The Boy over to the swimming pool, but it was closed due to contamination. So, we packed up and went over to the other neighborhood pool. The Boy showed off all his sweet swimming lesson moves, The Girl floated around and got dunked a couple of times, and I relaxed.

On Saturday we went to Will's cousin's son's birthday party. He turned one and it was a grand celebration. My "cousin" is very skilled in the cake making department and made some awesome cakes! She's gonna be the next Ace of Cakes - I just know it. She's self taught and available for hire.
The Boy and The Girl with Aunt M at the party
Yes, she is wearing a bow I made to match her rockin' hot pink guitar shirt:)

On Sunday we had a normal 3 hour block and I went to choir. We're singing this really gorgeous song from the Joseph Smith musical to commemorate Pioneer Day. Afterward, we went over to our friends' house for a yummy dinner and great company. They are moving too, but not too far away. However, they are in a different Stake.

Sunday night I went to the church to help set up for Hero Camp. What is Hero Camp you ask? I call it Vacation Bible School - Mormon Style. This year's theme is Feel the Joy and they are spending the week coming to know their Savior better. I think it is an awesome idea. Today's theme was "Christmas" and they learned all about the Savior's birth and why it is so important to us.

So, Sunday night all the moms met to set up. My group (Tuesday ) was so organized and all we did was set up and they are ready to go! Awesome. The group that was set for Monday had A LOT today and needed some help, so since my friend and I were free we lent a hand - or rather a diaphragm. We had to blow up like 130 balloons! Mama! We got about 100 done and then we sent the rest home with a friend to blow up with the air compressor. We should have thought of that first!

Today was the big day and The Boy was so excited to go! His little group is called the Merry Munchkins. How cute it that??? I'm in love with the whole thing and think our Stake pretty much rocks my socks!
Today I am doing the craft with my friend. Our theme is "The Stories of Jesus" and so it's a big pajama party day while we learn all about the Savior's life on earth. The kids get to color a pillowcase. It will be fun, fun, fun!I had to share some bows I made recently for my friend's little girl's birthday. I love them all and think The Girl needs one of each. hee, hee!


Mandy said...

Is that a little ladybug?! CUTE!

Crystal said...

We need bows!!! Daisy loves wearing her bows all the time - well, I only let here wear them in contained case they fall out or something. The girl is adorable, I love her little smile. come out here!

Jaime said...

Love love love the bows! Love your stake and I totally want to move there!

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