Friday, July 17, 2009

Swimming Lessons!

Can I just tell you how much I LURVE our swimming lessons place? It is so awesome. About 3/4 of the pool is shallow and there are steps in the shallowest part too, so the kids have a place to sit. It rocks. The Boy is in a class of four, but one girl never showed up and one boy only came half of the time, so it ended up just being The Boy and his new friend P.

There are at least 2-3 life guards the patrol the perimeter of the pool at all time - in addition to all the instructors in the pool.
The Boy loves swimming lessons!
This is The Boy with his teacher - Miss Shelby.

The Boy, P, and Miss Shelby

This is the third little boy in his class. He saw The Boy and P getting their pictures taken and he started crying because he didn't get his picture taken. We hurried and took a picture with him. The funny thing is that The Boy is 1.5 years younger than these two. They are both going to Kinder :)
The Boy was the only one in his class that really LOVED the class. He loved getting wet, going under water, trying all the different things - ice cream scoopers, superheroes, banana peels, kickers. Fun times. The other 2 boys don't like putting their faces in the water and one of them even refuses to do it.
On the last day everyone gets to go down the slide! The Boy was the only one in his group that chose to do it.

The Boy was also the only one that advanced. He's no longer a Starfish - now he's a Seahorse! He's taking another session at the beginning of August.


Crystal said...

What a champ

Cindy said...

He's a Rock Star!!!

How old was he when you started him in swimming lessons?

Cory said...

well, i finally broke down and got "A" enrolled in swim lessons. i really hope she does well. She's been really freaked out by the water lately though. Her classes start in two weeks. Do you think we could come by a couple times and she could swim with The boy in the mean time? I want her to see him and how great he is in the water. I'm hoping that will help her be a litte braver. She used to be just fine, but the last few times we've gone to the pool, she won't even go in. it's been really frustrating. probably doesn't help that today when we went she was by the side of the pool and fell in and went under. I was just like "greeeaat!" she was awesome though and she knew to grab onto the side and pull herself up. Her head was already above water by the time I got to her. It was exciting for her though. She was in about 4 1/2-5 feet of water. Fun huh?
Okay so that was long. sorry

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