Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Well, my little sister left us on Saturday and we were so sad. The Boy kept telling me that she needed to come back to our house NOW. He talked to my dad this weekend and he ended with, "Thanks that you can bring Aunt K back to my house tomorrow!" LOL He never gives up.

On Friday we had planned to go to the beach, but after a long hot day at Disneyland we were too pooped! We ended up going to Westminster so I could find some reading helps to start working with The Boy on his reading skills. It ended up being a bigger hassle than I had anticipated (i.e. rat poop and pee) and so I was totally disgusted and exhausted by the time I pulled it all out. So, we stopped at Sprinkles on the way home so my little sister and The Boy could get a cupcake. I had her go in and buy them without us, because I was not up to hauling them all out into the line and The Girl was sleeping.

That night we all dressed up like cows for Chick Fil A's Cow Appreciation Day and went in for our free food. I thought we'd just get an entree - nope! We each (even The Girl) got a free combo. It was awesome. Will showed up after about 10 minutes and got his free entree because he wasn't dressed head to toe as a cow - he only put on a few spots and a mask.

On Saturday my sister's flight was supposed to leave at 7am, so I set my alarm for 5am in order for us to leave by 5:30am. Ha! At 5:26 my little sister pops up and says - Are we supposed to leave at 5:30??? AHHHH! We start running around and we were out the door by 5:40. Phew! We pulled into the parking lot at Long Beach at 6:02 and were at the counter by 6:10. Will had the ward building cleaning assignment that morning and I had planned on being back by 7am no problem. I figured she would board with the pre-boards and I'd be on my way. Ha! They board unaccompanied minors LAST! and then you have to stay there until the plane takes off. It was funny because there were 2 other kids flying alone and it was their first time too, so we all made the same mistakes. When they called pre-board, we all went up. Then, when they finally boarded at the end, we all walked away and had to be paged back. LOL

So Will ended up having to take the kids with him to the building and I showed up about 7:45. No one had showed up! In fact no one came to clean until about 8:15. We were grateful to the 2 families that did come because that is a lot of building to clean by yourself. Will did all the trash and I started windows until those fabulous families came.

Then we bid Will adieu and went home to get ready for a fun birthday party at the Splash Pad. It was a lot of fun and The Boy had fun playing with his cousin Moma. My MIL's friend said she thought that The Boy got the most enjoyment out of the party than anyone there. I agree. He just loves being sprayed in the face.

After the party we went to Grandma and Granpa's house to visit. Grandpa and Uncle Pablo were getting haircuts, so I threw The Boy into the mix for his summer cut. Grandpa did it and The Boy wasn't too thrilled. The clippers kept snagging his hair and he got some air in his mouth and he'd try to rub it out with the hair covered cape . . . what the? I kept telling him he was getting more hair in his mouth, but he wouldn't listen. Crazy boy. He did get a can of rootbeer after and that made him happy.


On Sunday I got to sub as the Primary pianist. My mom has had that calling for years and I thought it would be lame. However, I had so much fun and I hope they ask me back again. Well, it just so happened that it was the day that The Boy was spotlighted. He was pouting because they had awarded a boy in his class with a treat for turning in his scripture reading card all filled up. He had proclaimed, "After Max's turn, it's my turn." Well, it wasn't. LOL So he was frowning and being said when the Primary President started the spotlight and he wasn't listening. She started out by saying this kid is funny - no he's hilarious. He likes to put on shows. He's very musically talented and can sing. **The funny thing was his awesome primary teacher, Brother K, knew right away it was him** Then she said, "This boy likes Goofy and Little Einsteins" and then he perked up and looked at her. Then she said, "This boy's favorite animal is a giraffe" and the look on his face was priceless! He jumped up and raised his hand. Then she clinched it by saying his favorite color is red and he loves pizza and ice cream. He was so excited and got a fun red to plate to eat on for his special day.

The Girl tried a new food today - peas. I thougth they were green beans, but they were peas. She wasn't sure how she felt about them and she only ate a few teaspoonfuls.Sunday night we had my FIL's birthday dinner and The Boy was thrilled that his cousins were back from their Texas trip. It was also fun because cousin Moma was there and they played so nicely. They pushed eachother around in a dump truck and called it the Matterhorn.

Monday I met my friend at her sister's house so I could record her part for a song she's singing at a funeral on Thursday. I haven't seen for almost a year, so it was fun to chat. She is one of my rockin' teaching buddies from my TMA days and I miss her spunk. The Boy had fun playing with the billiard balls and investigating the house.

Monday night was FHE in the park and I almost didn't go. However, I decided we needed to get out and so we went it was so much fun and I love chatting with my friend Z. The Boy and her daughter sat nex to one another during the lesson. Will didn't make it because work has been crazy for him. Poor guy!


Mandy said...

Girl, I hate to tell you this...but your baby boy looks NOTHING like you! You can TELL who his Daddy is! Haha!

T-Fam said...

The boy looks super handsom with his new hair cut.

Mckenna said...

NICE HAIR CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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