Monday, March 29, 2010

. . . and the madness continues

So this is how the month went down.

After my sister and her kids went home
we finished up our FREEZING session
of swimming lessons.

He did the slide with no complaints or worrying!

But he only wanted to try it once :)

My darling niece was born and so I sent her a few things.
I completed a few custom orders for car seat canopies.We braved the crowds at Pretend City during the
Health Fair and had a grand old time.
One of my former student's mom was
doing speech screening, so I got to visit with her.

We celebrated St. Pat's in style.

Complete with Irish Soda bread and

corned beef!

We skipped the hash and had carrots
green milk instead.

The Girl CHOWED the corned beef.
She's definitely more a carnivore than her brother.

I made rainbow cupcakes for The Boy to take to preschool.

My cute friend and I did our first boutique together.

It was a raging success.
And we can't wait to do another one.

And I saw a lady at the boutique with this shirt on.
The saying was hilarious.
So I took a picture.

I celebrated my 31st birthday.

We did an Easter Egg hunt with our
4thwardgirls pals.

The Girl was in a FOUL mood.
And did not find the joy in looking for eggs.

Until she found out what's inside of them.

We went to Disneyland twice last week
to get our fix before the spring break rush.

We saw The Boy's Primary music leader
she blew him a kiss.

Grandma made our Easter duds a week earl
because General Conference
falls on Easter this year, so we had to wear them

Right after this shot, she ate it face first into the concrete.
It was so sad!

So that's our month.
It was a busy one,
but a good one.
I had a fabulous birthday.
Will and the kids got me DDR for the Wii
and it is SO FUN!
Come play with us ;)


Unknown said...

I get a kick out of seeing a pumpkin on your doorstep at Easter time. :-) Thanks for sharing!!!!

Laura said...

oh you have been so busy and having so much fun!! Way to Rock motherhood!!!

Mandy said...

DDR...covet! :)

Jaime said...

Ok, how did I miss this post? So I love love love that dress. I'm not liking missing the Easter clothes parade at church, hello, I love seeing all the kids dressed up, but I'm excited for General Conference. Yay for church with prophets and pajamas!

T-Fam said...

And we love all that stuff you made for your niece. Thank you so much! The Boy and The Girl are getting so big! Can't wait to see them at the end of this month.

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