Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimmer Dudes

The Boy took two sessions of swimming lessons this summer.
And both sessions he had a boy teacher.
It was fun and he enjoyed it.

It's funny to see the difference in the guy teachers.
All of his girl teachers were really avid about the kids learning their name.
During the first few days of class they would ask several times,
"Who can tell me what my name is?"
The guys - eh.
I'd said, "What is your teacher's name?"
The Boy had no clue.
Finally, one of the other moms told me.

This is Mr. Louie.
He was super cool.
The Boy learned a lot!
Almost moved on to being a Shark.

This is Mr. Curtis.
The kids liked him because he was funny.

It was fun times.

We still wish we could get Mr. Maurice to show us his moves.
::hint:: ::hint::

This week is Hero Camp.
This year's theme is The Olympics.
I need to take some pictures.
The Boy is enjoying it more this year than last year.
Today he said he had a little bad day, but not too bad.
They had The Frisbee Dog come
and talk to the kids about training.
and show off his cool dogs.
The Boy was sad because he didn't get picked to throw the
dog a frisbee and feed it a treat.
He loves dogs.
And hopes one day to own one.
It was heartbreaking to him that the leaders didn't understand his passion.
He is going to be a zoo keeper and a vegetarian, ya know! :)

He also said some kids were making a crazy line
and they weren't supposed to do that when they were walking in the halls.
That made his day a little bad, but not too bad.


Maurice&Tash said...

I'll pass along the message to MR MAURICE! hahaha. You know I am miss Tasha teaching swim as well.

Jaime said...

Haha, hubba hubba Mr. Curtis. Perhaps I need a little swim instruction myself. ;)

Syd said...

Your boy's smile is soooo smiley! It makes me smile just looking at him. Can't believe how big he's gotten! Miss you girl!

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