Monday, June 28, 2010

I Love Riddles

Today The Boy was telling a joke.
He thought it was pretty hilarious.

He learned the art of joke telling
from his father.
The first joke he ever learned was -
What does the banana say?
And before he even takes a breath he
gives the punch line
Let's split!
And then he laughs hysterically.

So today he was telling
the joke/riddle from Toy Story 2.
You know the whole:
Hamm: "Hey guys, why did the toys cross the road?"
Buzz: "Not now, Hamm."
Rex: "Oohh, I love riddles! Why?"
Hamm: "To get to the chicken on the other side!"

Then he laughed hysterically.
Again - like it's the funniest thing you've ever heard.
He did it several times and eventually
it morphed into -
To get to the PIG on the other side.

Well, The Girl LOVES when anyone laughs.
And she has a fake laugh
she likes to use so she can join in on the fun.
All of the sudden she says -
"Pig (baby jabber) side! HAHAHAHA!"

It was cute.
And I got it on my phone video.
Kind of.
Not as good as the first five times she did it.
But it was funny and cute.

The Boy finished up preschool almost two weeks ago.
I'm so sad to see the year end.
I ADORE his preschool teachers.
They are such fun ladies
and just what he needed this year
Good thing he'll be back next year.
P.S. Did you remember to VOTE????


patty said...

sweet memory. my husband texted me yesterday and asked if i thought our son (now 15) remembers "and i say a little birdie go hop, hop, hop" which was a barny song he' sing and dance to. like this moment will do for you years from now, it totally warmed my heart.
{couldn't add my main blog link:}

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Great captures for a great memory!

Susan said...

How sweet!!!

Kirbell said...

I heart Miss Kristin. Katers will be there next year, too! rock on!

Jennifer said...

Too cute! :) He is just adorable... great shots!


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