Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Daily Album: Day 29 Happy Birthday mooEE!

I really can't believe how much she has grown
physically and mentally this year.
It's amazing.
She is quick as a whip and doesn't miss a beat.
She has the vocabulary and attitude of a 15 year old.
(i.e. Holla!, What mom?, No way!, etc)
Her best friend is her brother.
She wants to be like him in every way.
She's partial to her Daddy and doesn't leave his side when he's home.
She wants to be big and insists on walking through the store just like her brother.
She doesn't listen.
She's obstinate, opinionated, and sassy.
She also gives wonderful hugs and sweet kisses.
She is still little and wants her blanky and pluggy - constantly.
She is now the queen of the road trip and was an angel the entire drive.
She is Disney Princess Connoisseur and can sing you any song for any princess.She has a Sixth Sense for candy.
You quietly pop it in your mouth and she is withing a 500 yd radius,
you turn around and she will be there asking, "What's that?"
She wakes up in the morning and says, "I want candy."
She guzzles water like a champ
and makes this funny gulping noise WHENEVER she drinks anything.
She doesn't like having her hair washed, combed, or styled.
But she likes to be pretty and thinks bows and piggies are awesome.
She adores all her cousins
and LOVES when her boy cousins
cater to her every whim.
Happy Birthday mooEE!
We love you!

Sweet Shot Day


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday to the girl!!!

Kikal said...

I'm in love with her hair! She's a doll, happy birthday!

Jaime said...


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little one!!!!


4timesblessed said...

Awww... Happy Birthday.. The pics are wonderful. I found you from Sweet Shot Tuesday.

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