Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ummm . . .

Who likes that it is almost December and my blog is still Halloweenish?? LOL
Need to change that ASAP :)
Well, most of you probably didn't even notice because you're reading this in Reader :)

We've been up to lots of craziness this month.
And we culminated it with making 15 of this little guys.
The Boy took them to preschool to share with his friends.

Today I braved Costco the day before Thanksgiving with 2 kids.
It was craziness, but also an adventure.

I've been making bows like mad.

Today I also made these.
Happy Thanksgiving Friends and Family.
We love you.
We feel very blessed.
We are very blessed.
If you want to be inspired - hop over HERE and read THIS.


Jaime said...

Love you too!! We're all very blessed. And you are nuts. Costco before Thanksgiving??!?? Perhaps a toss-up between that and the Black Friday craziness I did this morning? :)

Cherish said...

That leaf pie crust is insane! I could never do that.

Kirbell said...

thanks for those sweet turkeys on a stick. kate l.o.v.e.d. hers.

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