Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December Daily Album: Day One

Did you remember to start your December Daily Album today?

This is my third year and I love it!
It's a fun tradition.
Last year's album never got published . . . so I'm still working on that :)
But I'm moving forward this year.

Somethings I want tor remember about today:
1. The Boy helped decorate by putting up the Disney Christmas Countdown.
He put it up the opposite way of how it's supposed to be done,
but he was so proud of himself and I was so proud of him,
we're just doing it backwards this year :)

2. We wrapped up the 24 books for our Christmas Book Countdown.
Each day you unwrap a book and read it.
Today we read Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed.
Love that book.
Love the message.
We brainstormed ways to help people.

3. For Laurel class activity we went shopping to do the Twelve Days of Christmas
Symbols for someone. So fun!

4. The Boy was kind to his sister and I said, "You're such a kind brother."
And he replied, "I'm going to be on Santa's good list."
Sweet boy.


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