Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Goings Ons

We've been kicking it in Utah
and having fun times.
Our drive to Utah was without incident
and really quite pleasant -
as far as 649 mile drives go :)

First, Will dropped me off in Provo
so I could attend BYU Women's Conference
with fabulous ladies like this:
We did a little class attending,
a lot of awesome food eating,
and TONS of laughing and spirit renewing.

I was pleasantly surprised to
find this blingy ring at Oh Sweet Sadie!

Not, so pleasantly surprised
to wake up to this kind of weather in April.
But thrilled to visit
The Sweet Tooth Fairy
with my mom
and partake of their tasty goodness.
And to find one of
these beauties
at The Hobble Creek Barn Boutique.
(which isn't in a barn anymore - lame)
Then we headed down to
my parents' house to chill with the fam
We happened to get there for
some concrete pouring,
so we had to mark that we were there
on the momentous day.

My newest little niece was first.

The Girl was looking chic
in her new M Creation,
but not loving the concrete experience.

All the kiddos present got to make their marks.

There was great wind,
and we found $1 kites at WalMart,
so we did some kite flying.

Aunt K was quite skilled in the art of kite flying.
The girl loved watching.

This is her excited face.
(You'll see it again when she does bubbles for the first time.)
This is her mad face.
(You'll see this lots.)
This is her cheesy face.
(I love it.)
The Boy thinks kite flying is awesome.

Especially with Daddy and a Plex kite.

The Boy isn't quite as skilled,
but he's a wild one.
The Girl and Will found his antics humorous.
One of the greatest things about this trip
is that we got to hang with
Uncles and Aunts.

Big Mike and Little Rissa
even went to the park with us.

We were sad that they had to go home :(
Finals are lame.So to make ourselves feel better
Grandpa took us to Coldstone:)
Did you know that Coldstone has cupcakes??
Ice cream cupcakes.
They are really cute.
I didn't eat one, so don't know if they are tasty too.

Uncle Tea and Aunt Mie
were there too.
We had fun playing with Baby L
and doing bubbles.
(see the excited face?)

Can you see that Baby L is thrilled
to be manhandled by these two nuts? LOL
The Girl adored her.
She kept saying, "baby, baby".
We were sad they had to go home too.
Again, Finals are lame.Since going to Grandma and Grandpa's
The Girl has said two complete sentences.
They are:

The Boy (insert his real name) take a nap.
Grandma go bye bye.

I'm pretty amazed.
She's 16 months.
Crazy baby.


Jaime said...

So fun! I'm glad you're having a good time in Utah. Now come home!! And srsly, your kids are crazy smart talkers! What up?

Mandy said...

Yuck, snow in April. Yum, I've always wanted to go to that bakery with the NieNie cupcakes. Love all the fun pictures!

Crystal said...

I'm jealous and your kids are adorable. Come see me while Steve is at officer training

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