Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm a Maniac

That's the only way I can describe myself.
In the last few weeks
I've crafted til the wee hours of the morning,
spent 26+ hours in a ChickfilA parking lot,
(go HERE to read about my adventure)
gone to swimming lessons,
gone to preschool,
made two finals trips Disneyland,
and made TOO many trips to the fabric store.

But it all came to fruition on Saturday!
A friend hosted a boutique at her home.
23+ vendors converged to share their talent.
It was awesome!
You can see more pictures
of my hard work OVER HERE.

This was my table.Pretty little bow tree
Little lady tutus

Aunt M and my MIL were across the room.
They had such fun things!
Including 3 cupcake items that I want!
I missed taking a picture of the cupcake sign,
but I did get a picture of this cute petal skirt.
Love it!
My friend Jaime was there too,
but I never got outside to take pictures.
It was just too busy.

So, I'm done with boutiques until the Fall.
I'm going to kick back,
go to the beach,
lay by the pool,
chill at the Lagoon,
start exercising again,
blogging again,
being a normal mom again.
That sounds fabulous.

P.S. The Boy told me that Toy Story 4 will be when Andy takes all his toys to the zoo.
P.P.S. Pictures of my actual children and not "things" coming in the next post.


T-Fam said...

You are definitely a maniac! But you make such cute things.

Syd said...

Amazing is all I can say! Can you teach me everything you know? LOL! Hey, thanks for the memories in the book that you fantastic 2nd grade teachers gave me. That's definitely a keeper I'll cherish forever. :)

Jaime said...

Wahaha, I love how you linked to my blog for the Chick-fil-a adventure! Your table pictures look gorgeous!

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