Friday, March 05, 2010

I said HEY! what's going on??

It's been awhile since I REALLY blogged.

I planned to have a fun Valentine's Day dinner
with a heart shaped pizza and some yummy Love Potions.
Then, we had family dinner with Will's family
on Valentine's Day.
It was a super yummy dinner, but I still wanted
to have a fun family dinner.
Well, Will wasn't home much for dinner in February,
but I was determined to still have a lovey dovey meal :)

I wasn't feeling like making pizza dough,
but The Boy was SET on having pizza.
So, I decided to do this instead.It was so fun and it baked up so cute!

I was worried that they would shrivel too much,
but they turned out great.
The Boy loved it and the tasty Love Potion drink.

The Girl wanted in on the action.
Here is here signing

"please"We gave her some.

The Boy took swimming lessons this month.
It was fun.
(and COLD!)The Girl was VERY jealous of The Boy.
She kept signing & saying "bath".

She kept trying to sneak away from me and get to the pool.

The Boy picked up some mad skills
& moved up a level!

I think I'm going to have problems with this one when she's older.
She's all about riding the line.
She wants to get as close as she can.
She pushes and tests - even now at 14 months old.

If I tell her no or take something away from her,
she gets mad and tries to get
the last word by throwing something
or grabbing at whatever I've taken away.

Look at her.
I'm in for it.

Look at that freestyle!
I'm so proud!

Jumping in to swim.

There he goes!


Swimming back.


A little motor boat, motor boat.

We were lucky enough to have my sister and her kids come to visit.

We spent Friday at the park.

Saturday my sister tried to kill me with my own car.
(more on that later)
I volunteered with Will at the food bank warehouse for
Disney's Give a Day Get a Day promo.
I made some dinner.

Sunday we went to a baby blessing
and then took the kids to the temple.

I've had to take pictures of The Girl
from the side or from behind because if she sees me,
then she comes at me.

(notice my sister holding The Girl so she can't get to me)

Monday and Tuesday we spent at the Happiest Place on Earth.
It was so much fun!
The babies were good and lasted the entire day on both days.
The Girl did got pink eye, so Monday, after Disneyland,
I took her to Urgent Care and squeaked in just before it closed.

It was so fun to have them.
The Boy woke up the day after they left
and said, "I miss D."
Florida is just too far away.

My friend and I are doing a boutique on March 20th,
so before my sister got here I was spending almost
everyday at her house making bows.
Next week, I'll get back to it again :)


Mandy said...

I know what ride you are on at the end - FREAKY! I hate that sliding ferris wheel. Scares me every single time. Looks like you had fun, though. :)

Cherish said...

Love the pepperoni hearts!

Cindy said...

OK...can your kids be any cuter. i love all of the fun holiday stuff you do with your family....we have copied many of them. I am glad to hear you all are doing well.

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