Monday, February 15, 2010

Siblings and thinking to next year

So this little lady . . .

ADORES this little boy.(photos by my super talented friend Amy that took THESE pics of The Girl)

And if she can get to him, she hugs and kisses him to death.

And that little boy is so patient with her about it.
He just keeps trying to watch his show.

And indulges her in a kiss every once and a while.

But she kisses him even if he doesn't kiss back.

Then, the pinching starts.
He's not so tolerant of that.
But it's fun while it lasts.
This morning she bit him on the leg just to see what would happen.
And he FREAKED out.
It freaked her out too.
She started crying and pointing at him.
She was really concerned that he was sad.
They made up and all was well again . . .
at least for a few minutes :)

So you might remember that I had a Valentine's Day Party
and was left with about 80 cake balls,
so I made some up and took them to park day.
Well that only got rid of about 30 cake balls
(or as I like to call them - cake bonbons),
so I made some more up on Saturday night to take the YW.

They were fun and I'd love try making some of the cute ones
Bakerella has on her blog - Hello Kitty, reindeer, etc.
However, when I openened my Google Reader this afternoon
and saw THESE!!!!!
I think I might have to convert to Macaron pops.
Have you ever seen anything so adorable???
Hello, baby shower!


Lance and Kristi said...

Hey Kyla - That dress the girl is wearing looks very, very familiar. Did I give that to you? If NOT, I know I gave one like it to someone. :-)

Looking good!

Kenna said...

Those pictures are so cute! I love that she just loves him to death, and he just sits there! What sweet kids you have!

Mike and Larissa said...

how come you never send me any of these cool things you make? (this is mike by the way)

Crystal said...

Please make her love me like that when I come.

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