Friday, February 12, 2010

Is it February???

Oh my goodness! Is it February? Where did January go? And not only is it February, but it's half way through February. Crazy. Also can I say February one more time in this opening paragraph? Ha!

Up until January 1st I was doing Project 365, so I was taking a picture everyday for a year. It was awesome and what was even more awesome was that I had lots and lots of pictures of every day of the year. I want to turn it into an album, but now I have 46 layouts to do because I didn't keep up on the layouts and I'm a little overwhelmed by the prospect. Maybe I'll get it done. LOL The downside of not doing P365 is that I stopped taking pictures. I maybe take pictures once a week. It's so sad. So I'm resolving today to take more pictures. Because when I had pictures if I went a couple of weeks without blogging I could remember what we had done. Now I'm at a loss. LOL

Last weekend we went to the Great Skate at the Great Park and it was Great Fun!

Doesn't it look magical???
Aunt H came with us.The Boy tried it out.
It was hard work, but he went around 3-4 times.

We were so glad that Will was able to make it.
He's been working crazy hours.
Afterward we went to Knowlwood for dinner.
Super tasty!
I'd never been there before and loved it!
I've been making bows like crazy in anticipation of a boutique
I'm doing in March with a friend.
However, I took a break this week to get ready for
The Boy's preschool Valentine's Day Party
and my Girls' Night Valentine's Day Party.

Monday I was feeling kind of icky, so not much got done.
We did go to the bike park in the afternoon.
Love that place.
The Boy did start a session of swimming lessons and it was lots of fun.
His teacher is Miss Melissa and it's just him and another little boy.
Good times.

Tuesday it rained.
The Boy went to preschool.
We made a trip to Target.
I attempted to clean the house.

Wednesday we went to Music Makers for the Valentine's day party.
My friend came over so we could match
a vintage blessing dress to ribbon for a bow.
We went to swimming lessons and it was FREEZING!
I cleaned and cleaned and crafted and baked.

I made these!

And these!

And these!

They were all for The Boy's preschool party.
I also prepped lots of stuff for crafts for the kids.

On Thursday they made



And these cute little cupcake liner flower pictures that I
didn't get a good picture of.

This kid said it was the best party EVAH!

The Boy with some of his friends.
That night my friends came over for a little Valentine's Day party.

I made THESE to share.
Everyone brought a RED treat/snack to share.

I also made LOVE POTION. Yum!
My cute friend made these beauties.

My mother-in-law made a King Cake in celebration of
Carnaval and Mardi Gras since
she served her mission in New Orleans.

We exchanged Valentines and it was super
fun because as a mommy
you're always making valentines for everyone else
and you MAYBE get one from your husband.
So it was fun to get some valentines.

I made THESE!

And these are the ones I got.

We were supposed to make Cupcake Pops, but either my balls were too small ::giggle:: or my cookie cutter was too big :)

So some of the girls made regular cake pops or cake bonbons.

I was kind of burnt out on baking, so I just sat and chatted.
That's what most everyone did.
So I was left with like 80 cake balls.
I'm gonna stop hosting parties if everyone
doesn't start taking their leftovers home with them.

So this morning I made up a bunch of cake pops and bonbons
and took them to park day.

I had the grand idea to walk to the park
which we left late (of course)
and it took longer than I anticipated (of course)
so lots of people left about 20 minutes after we got there (of course).
But we still had lots of fun
and all the cake pops got eaten and most of the bonbons did too.

However, I still have about 30 unmade
cake balls in the fridge.
Those are getting made tomorrow
and I'm taking them to church
and leaving them out on the kitchen counter
with the free bread.
Tonight we played a little Wii MarioKart.
fun, fun!
Tomorrow I'm going to sleep in.
Well, probably not, but it's a nice idea.


AW said...

We should live by each other and throw parties together! We'd have lots of fun and I'd help you get rid of your leftovers:) It's been a long time since the Halloween party we had back in Provo my good friend!

Mandy said...

Ummmmmm...anytime you need help eating treats, let me know. I'll hop on the next plane and meet you at SNA. :)

What a fun idea to do a Valentine exchange! I want to copy cat that next year.

Jaime said...

Sorry sista! I was totally going to make cake pops and then I couldn't stop drinking the strawberry pop. Lush. Thanks for the fun party!

BubbaandM said...

I had a super fun time.

T-Fam said...

Yum all of your V-day stuff looks delicious! I need to come and bake with you, or maybe I should just have you do it for me. :) The skating looked like a ton of fun. Tea has been wishing he could go but his pregnant with can't so he does not get too haha. I should have sent him with you.

Kenna said...

I am always amazed at how creative you are! You are always doing something AMAZING! Wow! You are definitely a super woman!!!

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