Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Beach-E-ness!

Did you know that I am ChickfilA's
Well, I am, and I have this giant ChickfilA cow to prove it :)The fantastic peeps over at CFA Marketplace & The District
had a little FB contest to share why you are their biggest raving fan.
I said:

"I'm your biggest raving fan because we adore Chick-fil-A and eat there ALL THE TIME- especially The District location - it has FANTASTIC customer service! We come to almost every single event and dress up like cows and whisper secret words and chug the Diet Lemonade like champs. When ...I ask my kids what they want for dinner they shout - CHICK-FIL-A!"

I had the coolest answer and I won the cow that my kids and little sister dubbed
Moover Chick A-team.
Love it!

We love him so much, he even went to through the drive thru with us
on Monday after a day of swimming.
On Tuesday we headed to our favorite place - Little Corona.
We grabbed a little FREE Sprinkles on the way.

The Girl was happy about her tup-tate.

How could you not be?
That's just happiness.

The free cupcake for the day was Peanut Butter and Jelly.
It was raspberry cake with peanut butter frosting.
It was pretty yummy.
Unexpected, but yummy.

That night our friends that own Longboards
had their van at K1 Racing.
My sister *HAD* to try one, so we went over to check out the scene.
The Boy knew the secret word
(*Mater* as in Tow Mater)
So he won this awesome hat.
If you love ice cream goodness,
you will *LOVE* Longboards.
You have to try them.
Follow them on Twitter and Facebook
to find out where they'll be next.

On Wednesday my friend Jaime was awesome enough
to get us into Soak City for a discount price.
She took all the pictures for the day because
I didn't want to carry my camera around.
I guess I just need one of THESE :)

It was quite the process getting in - I seriously thought I was going to go berserk.
I'm sure Jaime thought I did :)
First, we got in line to buy tickets behind some guy
that was buying tickets for like 200 day camp kids.Srsly???
Then, they spread those 200 day camp kids across
all three entrance lines.
Then, the lines aren't moving.
We stood in line for almost an hour total just trying to get in.
The kids were freaking out.
I was freaking out.So I asked for the supervisor - in so many words :)
She was like - Does someone here have a problem?
I'm like - YEA! ME!
The line started to move after that.
On Thursday we joined the A-Team
for the Wtown Ward Beach Party.
We got there early so my little sis could do some boogie boarding.
The waves were OUT OF CONTROL!
and she was getting worked.
So they just played in the water instead.

The Girl hung out with because the water so intimidating.
Then the tide suddenly came WAY in and washed us away.
So we packed up and headed up to the fire pit.

I love the beach.

Sweet Shot Day



Jaime said...

It's been a fun fun summah-time.

Mandy said...

Yes, you need one of those! I love mine! Rain, snow, pool, ocean. And it's been dropped I don't know HOW many times!

Kikal said...

Tell them to come here.

T-Fam said...

awesome. We like the beach too. But I think you need to come to our beach and make us some of your awesome cupcakes.

rlooney said...

Love the Chick-Fil-A cow. My daughter would go nuts over that. It is her favorite place to eat.

Susan said...

These were great!!!!!!!

Rachelle said...

Looks like such a tremendously fun time!

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