Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Splash Pad Festivities

So, after my little sister conquered the beach
we decided to take her to a birthday party at the Splash pad the next day.
The first order of business was to deliver a VaNIElla Squared
cupcake to my cupcake loving friend - Jaime.
Mmmm . . .

It's fun to have an Aunt at the Splash Pad,
because she'll do the crazy things mommy won't :)

The Boy was in heaven.
Water spraying you in the face - what could be better?
We all agreed he is the most fun to watch.

Or in the booty . . .?

The Girls were cheesing it up . . .

Well, my Girl was :)

We enjoyed yummy food.
This is how she chose to enjoy watermelon.
And at the end she finally played in the water by herself.
Fun times!


Jaime said...

I'm so glad you guys could be there!! And I love that picture you took and edited of me! How'd you make me look so good? You're hired! LOL

Brandy said...

Oh wow such beautiful photos! Can definitely tell you guys had a blast. I bet the kids were worn out lol.

EB said...

Beautiful photos to document a great moment!

Erika B

Susan said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

Wish we had something like that by us.

GREAT shots♥

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Great shots!! Looks like a super fun day!

Life with Kaishon said...

That place looks like SO much fun! Your kids are ADORABLE as can be. Oh my heart. What sweetness! : ) I am glad you had a great day out. I wish I hadn't come over this morning though! You know why? Now I am DYING for a cupcake! Darn it! : )

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Stopping over from Sweet Shot Tuesdays! Great pictures. My Homeowner's Association was supposed to create a splash pad last yr and it didn't go through. I'm quite jealous!

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