Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brought to you by . . .

the letter X :)

Things have been kind of ho hum around here the last week or so.

I haven't felt like doing much and yet there is so much to be done.

It didn't help that it was rainy and chilly
and I was longing for the days
of curling up in bed with a good book
and reading.

Oh, and Will was working like 19 hour days.


This week has been mostly sunny and beautiful
I'm trying pull out of my funk.

Monday I took the girls to Will's parents' house while I took
The Boy to the allergist.

Oh, he's allergic alright.
To just about every pollen and mold out there.
Thanks, Mom and Dad ;)
Poor kid.

He was so brave.
As soon as the nurse came for us in the waiting room he exclaimed-
She assured him there wouldn't be any shots and he was fine.
Took the scratch test like a champ.I wish I would have taken the picture right after the nurse administered
the test and he had the letters written on his back.
This was about 15 minutes later after the doctor had already read
the results and used alcohol to clean his back off.

You know those days where nothing is really wrong.
You look around and compared to lots of people you have it REALLY
REALLY good, but just want to complain anyway?


That's me today.

But I'm not going to do it.

Let's focus on the positive and get outta this funk, shall we?

Got a belated Christmas present in the mail from Big Mike and Little Rissa
and guess what was inside???

Not a Cocoa Latte machine. . .




This morning we brewed a little Stephen's Hazelnut Hot Cocoa for breakfast.

Last night was New Beginnings and it was lovely and uplifting.

I made the handout/gift for the girls that
had the Mutual theme for the year (Joshua 1:9)
We put it in a cute little frame
I forgot to take pics of the finished product.
We have some extras in the closet.
I'll snap some on Sunday.

The kids behaved beautifully and played
in the nursery by themselves.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The Girl only made it about 20 minutes, but
20 is better than none and she
let me accompany the musical number,
so it's all good.

It was also Will's birthday yesterday.

We got up early and made him Hobo breakfast
and let him open his present.

We love him.

We hope he gets to work less soon :)

The kids got balloons from New Beginnings last night.

The Girl's didn't even make it home.

The Boy's lasted until this morning.

The Girl was very happy about that.

The Boy loves doing his "work".

This morning it meant putting letter stickers
in his special animal notebook.

The Boy's cousins got Nintendo DS's for Christmas.

He is very fascinated with them and loves when his 10 year old cousin
let's him sit and watch him play.

Today Baby T brought a giant calculator with her,
and The Boy wanted to know where she got her Nintendo DSA.

I don't know where the "a" came from, but it's cute.

The Girl liked it too.

Oy vey.

And she wasn't shy about it.
But The Boy took on a cousin-esque persona and showed her how it works :)


Jaime said...

I know all about the blahs and wanting to complain about my not-so-perfect-but-really-so-blessed-life. So happy to hear I'm not alone, and that my kids are not the only ones fighting over stupid stuff, and I love your cocoa machine! Luv ya!

Deb said...

What does your HOBO breakfast consist of?

Mandy said...

Yeah, what's a hobo breakfast? Loooooove the cocoa grande!!! So cool. And the pictures at the end of the post with the "dsa" are HILARIOUS!

Vivian said...

I can totally see the Boy acting like Silly and showing the Girl how it works. What a sweet brother.

Mike and Larissa said...

I'm glade you enjoyed your Christmas Present and it's good to see that the girls PJ's fit. when i say them it reminded me of you so i had to get them... when are you coming to UTAH?

Crystal said...

Will The Girl let me hold her the whole time I'm there?

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