Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventures in Watching John Abrams: Animal Magician

This summer we've been stalking {erm} following
John Abrams: Animal Magician.

We first saw him at Hero Camp at the end of July.
The Boy was instantly in awe of this man that did magic with ANIMALS.
He was heartbroken that he didn't get chosen.
But we did the whole,
"There are 150+ some kids that also didn't get chosen" speech
and talked about how cool the magic and animals were,
and we were all ok again.

Hero Camp July 2011

After a visit to John Abrams' website,
I found out that he tours local libraries during the summer!
We were too late for the two shows he'd do at our local libraries,
so we headed down to San Clemente to catch the action.

This time The Boy's dreams came true
and he was picked for one of the acts!!!!!
He was thrilled.
John walked by saying, "I need another boy."
And The Boy, trying to keep his seat planted firmly in his seat,
because John doesn't pick anyone not sitting, raised his hand
and shouted, "I'M A BOY!!!"
John said, "You certainly are. Come on up."
And John was even more endeared into The Boy's animal loving heart.

San Clemente Library August 2011

Finally, we took our friends with us to the Yorba Linda Library
for John's last library show of the summer.
We arrived at the same time that he was unloading his car and
The Boy shouts, "Animal magician!!!" and then
proceeds to tell him it was COOL how he did a certain piece of magic.
John kindly reminded him not to talk about it because some people hadn't
seen the show yet :)
He asked if we had seen him this summer.
I said, oh yes, this is our third time.
He said he wasn't sure whether we were stalkers or fans,
but he liked it. Ha!

One thing I liked about the Yorba Linda show was that the kids
sat on the carpet and were close to the action.
I love that you can see The Boy's giant smile from behind.
Look at those cheeks! He's thrilled to be so close.

John obliged me with several posed shots - just like at Hero Camp :)

Each time John chose audience participants,
and each time The Boy wasn't chosen,
he'd turn around and give me the thumbs up sign,
signifying that he was ok :)
We'd talked before how he'd had a chance to go up,
and so he probably would not get picked and that was ok,
because someone else needed a chance.

Well, low and behold, for the 2nd to last act,
See the excitement????

They got to "move it, move it" a little on stage before
John started the animal magic.

Well, The Boy definitely MOVED IT!!!
And pretty soon he was the only one movin' it.
He drew smiles and laughs from everyone - including The Animal Magician.

Now onto the magic . . .


Now The Boy "plays" Animal Magician
and gives us magic shows in the living room.
We also chant a lot of, "I'm gonna check me out some books!"

John Abrams' Animal Magic shows are MAGIC!!!
The kids are enthralled and engaged
from the moment he walks onto the stage.
Thank you Orange County Public Libraries & Mr. John Abrams
for making this summer magical for one little animal lovin' boy.

John Abrams also does school assemblies!!!
We're new to public school this Fall,
but you can bet I'm going to figure out how to get the PTA
to get him there!!!


Disclosure: I attended all of the John Abrams' Animal Magic shows of my own volition
and received no compensation - except for an excellent time and a happy 5 year old - for attending or writing this post. I wrote this post because we love John Abrams' Animal Magic and we want to share it with the world!


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Look like an awesome time!

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