Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Par-tay at Pretend City!!!


Last week we attended the 2nd Birthday Party for Pretend City.
There was a RAD deal on Plum District,
and I already had Plum Dollars,
so it was perfect timing.

The kids were so excited to go to Pretend City.
I kept it a surprise until we pulled up and then said, "Surprise!"
They didn't love that we were 15 minutes
early and had to wait outside in line :)

So we took some pictures with the rad polka dot balloons.

As we headed in we were greeted at the table by Plum District reps
and got our tickets for our Dippin' Dots from @dippindotwoman herself,
cake pops from Just a Bite, and candy bags from the B Candy candy bar.


We actually ended up right at the face painters from Creative Parties for Kids.
It was awesome luck because the line got long as soon as we sat down.


She looks less than thrilled, but it's just her serious face.
She wouldn't smile - she was all business.


During face painting I had the opportunity to meet the
Social Media Specialist at Pretend City - Juliet Ekinaka.
It was so fun to talk to her about how Pretend City
has expanded their Social Media reach to help
bring the awesomeness of Pretend City to more families.

(Juliet is in the top right corner of the picture. She was adorable and rocked a rad headband.)

The finished products!

After face painting we picked up our cake pops from just a bite
and loaded up our candy bags from the B Candy candy bar.
The kids were in HEAVEN!


After we danced a little on the stage and then found our
friends, we decided it was time for some Dippin' Dots.
The Boy went for rainbow, while The Girl and I had caramel brownie.

Pretend City is perfect for The Boy because he LOVES to pretend
and he loves FARMS!
Pretend City has a farm complete with a ride on tractor.
He was in heaven and seriously rode around the city for over an hour,
until he kindly gave it up to his friend Sam to ride for a little bit.

The Girl loved all the activity and the people.
She went from the beach, to the fire station, to the farm,
to the grocery store, to the stage and back again.
She finally found the marina and stayed there for the last half hour,
just splashing away with her brother and his friend.

She also enjoy several of the UNLIMITED bags of popcorn.


We had a fabulous time and we'll be back to Pretend City again soon!
Thanks to all the vendors that made this a fabulous afternoon!

Disclosure: I attended the Pretend City 2nd Birthday Party via Plum District. I paid for my own tickets and everything mentioned was included in the ticket price to this special event.
All opinions about the experience are my own and I received no compensation for them.
However, if you follow the Plum District link and sign up, I receive referral points.


Juliet said...

Love love your post! You can really see the excitement and the fun you and your family had! Thank you so much for your kind words :) and your support of our museum! Can't wait to play with you all again!

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