Friday, August 19, 2011

Insta Friday: August 19, 2011

Where is this month going???
We had a fun filled week and the days are flying by.

The rock candy is done!
And beautiful and yummy.

A friend passed away suddenly last week,
and his funeral was Saturday.
One bright side was that Grandma A left her mission
and came to be by her besties side during this sad time.
We took advantage of having her here.
The Girl had a successful romp in the backyard:)

We cleaned up a bit and headed with most of the A-team to Souplantation.

No pictures, please.

Monday we went to the Birthday Par-tay! at Pretend City.

It was awesome!
(more on that later)

Tuesday Jaime treated us and my "cousin" Cory to her rad water park.
We were early ::GASP::
So we kicked it on a bench.

Wednesday was our FIRST Sprinkles & beach day of this summer.
Double ::GASP::

But it was a good one!

Except for the fact that The Boy has decided that he hates sand on him.
Really? at the beach? You're freaking out because of the sand?

But it was made better with friends.

Wednesday night we went bowling with the youth from church.

The Girl only lasted 5 frames and then The Boy had to bowl for both of them.

Thursday was Chick-fil-A & John Abrams' Animal Magic!
Yes, again.
We're addicted to his humor, animals, and MAGIC!

And when I got home, Will was waiting with flowers.
Ten years, baby.

How was your week?
Is your summer over?
Has school started?
Did you check out the first installment of
Welcome to Mommy School??

life rearranged


abi said...

Yum! And beautiful beach photos!

Mandy said...

10 years...congrats!!!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I love your week. Love it. So much goodness!!! Cupcakes, beach and water park? My faves. Yay summer!

Jaime said...

It was an epic week, and just what the dr. ordered after the last sad week. Love you guys!!

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