Thursday, July 28, 2011

Insta Friday: July 29, 2011


Phew! What a week we've had!
We drove over 1600 miles over four states
and had a blast!!!

Have you ever had the ever elusive Idaho Spud?
If not, you should try one.

While we were at my parents' house,
the kids were in the same room as I was,
but on the floor.
One night The Girl lost her blanket,
and tried using the bed skirt to keep warm.
Can you find her?

Thursday my dad took off work early to
take The Boy fishing.
It was on his Summer Bucket List.
It was gorgeous up at the lakes.

The kids were less than thrilled about the
life jacket rule :)

We didn't catch anything (boo),
but we decided to cook hot dogs and S'mores
over the new fire pit my brother built
in the backyard.

Mmmm . . . peanut butter cup S'mores . . .

To complete the camping/fishing experience
of the day, my Dad set up the camper in the yard
and the kids and I slept out in it.
I loved kickin' it Traveller style.

The next morning . . .

Friday the whole fam - minus Dad - went to the neighboring
town's city pool.
This is a photo from last year.
It was like a 1,000 times more crowded this year.
I forgot to snap a picture because I got in an altercation
with the pool asst. manager over safety, footballs, and idiot patrons,
which involved some phone calls to City Hall and city council members

I made a trip to Wally World
and was pleasantly surprised to find this aisle.
I love school supplies.

Friday night we did the trailer camp out thing again.
This time my nieces joined me.
It was awesome.

Saturday we got up early and headed to
another neighboring town with my brother and his family
to celebrate Pioneer Day with a parade.
The kids were so excited to ride in the parade.
Check another thing off the Summer Bucket List.

Friday night my brother and his wife made a fabulous
spicy honey chicken courtesy of Our Best Bites
and my Dad and other brother made a YUMMY
dutch oven peach cobbler.

And because Utah is awesome,
you can have firework shows in your driveway.

We left EARLY EARLY EARLY Sunday morning.
The Virgin River Gorge was awesome.

Um, I was a little creeped out to pull into
a gas station in Barstow
and feel like I was in an episode of SOA.

(This is a like a 1/4 of gang.)

I was so happy to see this sign!

Monday we rolled right into Hero Camp.
Abraham was the first hero of the week.

The kids LOVED John Abrams' Animal Magic.
It was awesome.
The Boy wants to be him when he grows up.
No joke.

Sunday evening The Boy got bit by something on his ear.
This is how he looked Monday morning.
Poor kid.

Tuesday I never left the "book room" at Hero Camp.
This machine was my Frenemy.

We also went shoe shopping Monday night.
The Boy rocked his new "cool" shoes the next day.
They light up people, so they have to be the coolest.

Wednesday we dropped The Boy off at Hero Camp
and let him get into shakin' his groove thing with everyone else.

The Girl and I headed to the ped's office for her 2 year appointment
(only 7 months late).
She's rockin' the growth charts,
smart charts,
and awesome charts :)
One poke and NO TEARS later and it was back to Hero Camp.

An evening trip to Costco was in order to restock the house.
I'm so proud of myself for purchasing from food
groups that were mostly green in color.

We saw this on the way home.

Of course we honked.


Mandy said...

Good grief, you are having a super fun summer!!

Kennagurl said...

peanut buttercup s'mores !! I must try that !!

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