Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insta Friday: August 12, 2011

I am exhausted.
This has been a week of go, go, go.

The Girl went to a ballerina birthday party.
She loved it.

Her favorite part?
Donut hole kabobs.

My favorite part?
This rad wreath my friend Jaime made.

I went out with the gals for a baby shower and rocked
my new rosies - I big puffy {HEART} them!

The kids and I took a little trip to Target.
Why do I love that place so much?
Pretzels and Icees for lunch?
Yes, please!

Why do I love these Squinkies so much?

The Boy about flipped when he saw this!

And this :)

We did the OC Fair as a family.
It was fun and interesting all at the same time.

Hello Chicken Charlie's.

Hello Fried Frog Legs.

The Ferris Wheel as a family was a highlight.

The Boy loved doing this crazy ride with Will.
No, thank you!

I think the pig races were the favorite with all of us.

Sunday I made these evil things.
Thanks a lot, Julie. Thanks a lot.

Monday we busted out the ice cream maker . . .


Falling asleep at 6:20pm?
That's what happens when you refuse to sleep for two days.

I did a kid swap this week with a friend.
So Tuesday I had some ME time.
I got threaded for the first time.
Painful, but satisfying.

Wednesday we had a cousin play date at the pool.
It was so much fun!
4 moms. 8 cousins. 4 extra friends.

Remember John Abrams' Animal Magic from a couple weeks ago?
He was playing a local library today so we went.
It was awesome.

All of The Boy's dreams came true when he got picked
and got to rub noses with Chili the chinchilla.

We saw the giant flip flop.
So cool!

We finished our last session of swimming lessons for the Summer of 2011.

So a celebration was in order.

And a darling celebration at that . . .

life rearranged


Mandy said...

Fried Frog Legs? Seriously? Are they real?!

Jaime said...

So fabulous!! What a week. I'm jealous of all your fun, but this week I'm having some too!!

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