Thursday, August 25, 2011

Insta Friday: August 26, 2011

This week was a lot less jam packed,
and and I think we needed to slow down slightly,
but it just pretty much came to a halt.

Friday we did go to the library
and my little guy became a big guy and got his own library card.

I shopped the Friends of the Library Bookstore
and made out like a bandit!

Friday night I blow dryed and flat ironed for my
hot date with Will for our 10th wedding anniversary.

(Yes, I'm on the way to get the babysitter)

Will was so excited to take me to the infamous El Farolito in Placentia.
It's Legen . . . wait for it . . . DARY!
And it did not disappoint.

As is evident by this . . .

Saturday we got up at 7:30 in the blessed morning to
join Kara Noel at Dragonfly Hollow for a fairy garden class.

It was fabulous and magical.
(more to come tomorrow)

And Dragonfly Shops & Gardens is literally
a stone's throw from Bruxie,
so of course we had to brunch there.
We had the Nutella & banana with a side of waffle fries.
The Girl was only interested in the fries.
She also decided she wanted my Black Cherry soda
instead of her strawberry lemonade.

Funny story. I knew Bruxie was nearby, so after
the class I loaded The Girl into the car
and pulled away from the curb,
drove like 20 feet and realized it was 3 shops down
from the class!!!
Parking was scarce by this time, so I was like, GREAT!
I just lost my parking spot!
I circled the block quickly and luckily no one took my spot.
I'm such a blonde sometimes.
Beckey of The Hippo Brigade, who also attended the class with her daughter,
had the same idea, so we brunched and chatted.
So fun to make new blogworld friends.

Saturday afternoon I installed my anniversary gift.
It matches my Nikon perfectly :)

Shopping for school clothes has started.
Wookiee shirt?

I also took lessons from Julie and was a cool mom Saturday night.

Sunday I spent Sacrament meeting in here with a restless little girl.
Leaving me to wonder . . . why do I bother?
But then teaching a lesson on regular scripture study to my favorite teens
later in the three hour block reminded me why.

That night I experimented with
brownies, graham crackers, and marshmallows.
The experiment was YUMMY!

The Boy treated us to an Animal Magic show a la John Abrahms.

Monday we started taste testing possible lunches for school.
The banana PB&J burrito was a hit!

That night I made Gyozas and fried rice.
So tasty.

That night The Girl had a terrible headache.
It carried on ALL night and into Tuesday.
I was sure it was the flu.

Tuesday went to Target to get some fluids and Tylenol.
While we were there we found some sparkly nail polish
to do a Spa day while The Boy went to a playdate.
(I was totally upfront with the playdate friends what was going on with
The Girl. Just in case you were wondering.)

She never threw up.
She never coughed.
She never did anything but complain that her head hurt.
And by 5:00 that evening she was completely fine.
So, I concluded it wasn't the flu. Phew!

So we had a sparkly toes Spa date.

Wednesday morning The Boy woke up complaining that his head hurt.
Uh-oh, maybe it was the flu.
2.5 Tylenol Jr. and 3 hours later he was feeling fine
and asking for PB & Banana toast.
I obliged.
And to go swimming.
I did not oblige.
Two hours later - after falling asleep for an hour -
while I'm doing the dishes in the kitchen,
I hear, I think I'm going to . . .

I guess it was the flu.

Wednesday night he passed out on the floor in the living
room after not being able to keep anything down for over 8 hours.

He spent a sleepless night next to me in bed, tossing his cookies several times.
I was so worried I was going to wake up to being thrown up on,
but I survived . . . barely.

Thursday afternoon I had to head to the dentist to have a crown checked.
(Don't worry, it's just broken . . . again)
So I tried this stuff to make me look less Zombi-ish.

Came home and rifled through the food storage
shelves to find something to get me through the afternoon.
Found this, and cried.

And spent the afternoon next to this sweet boy.
(cookie tossing free since 10:00am today . . . knock on wood)

life rearranged


Jaime said...

Yikes!!! What a week. Glad you had a couple chocolate, sparkly nail bright spots!

Monick S. said...

OMG!!! EL Farolito is the business! Lived in P town and would always go there! Found you on insta-friday!

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