Friday, August 26, 2011

Adventures in {Fairy Gardens}

My uber darling cyber-turned-real-life-friend - Kara Noel of Eli's Lids -
invited The Girl and I to join her for a fun event via OC Family.
I was super excited because it took place in one of my favorite
places in Orange County - Old Town Orange.

We were up & ready by 8:00 in the blessed morning -
a rare occurrence around these parts.
Shameful, but true.

As soon as I pulled up to Dragonfly Shops & Gardens, I was in love!
It's a darling little shop in a vintage 1920's home.

We were the first to arrive - besides Kara Noel & crew -
so we spent a half hour or so touring the quaint & cozy grounds
and shop.

There were so many lovely things & The Girl wanted them all.
I was particularly interested in the miniature gardens.
Since we live in a town home with only a front patio,
there aren't any wide open spaces for gardening & growing.
But these miniature gardens are planted in pots
and are gorgeous!

Aren't they darling??

(Kara Noel talking fairy magic with Miss Dani about fairy magic.)

The Girl was excited to make her very own fairy garden,
but was nervous for me to go very far.

But she got to work painting her pot.

Miss Libby took good care of her when it came time for potting soil.

And Miss Dani helped her get everything just right.

She enjoyed adding the rocks to her fairy garden.
You have to cover the dirt,
because fairies don't like to get their feet dirty.

The entire morning was absolutely enchanting,
and I think a fairy garden class would be
perfect for a birthday party
or a morning out with friends.

Now we have a lovely miniature garden for
fairies to come and make mischief in while we're sleeping.

I'll definitely be back to Dragonfly Shops & Gardens,
because there were so many fabulous local vendors
inside the shop that I didn't get to look at
because I had a handsy 2.5 year old with me.

Plus, it's right down the street from Bruxie :)

You can find more information and pictures about
Dragonfly Shops & Gardens and the Dragonfly Hollow classes
in the following places:

Dragonfly Shops & Gardens

Dragonfly Hollow

If you do stop over, tell them Kyla from Funky PolkaDot Giraffe
and Awesome Family Fun sent you,
and they'll give you 20% off your entire purchase!

We were invited by Kara Noel to attend the Dragonfly Hollow class at Dragonfly Shops & Gardens. I attended because I {HEART} Kara Noel and it sounded like a fabulous thing. I received the class for free. I blogged about it because I wanted to and not because fairies told me I had to. All the thoughts & opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by fairy magic . . . or were they?


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