Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Insta Friday: September 2, 2011

I'm late to the Insta-Friday party,
but I was without internet this weekend,
so here it is!

The Girl learned how to give thumbs up.

These evil little things made an appearance
at a celebration for a dear friend on Saturday.

$3 Leapster games at Wal-Mart?
Best $3 I ever spent.

We met Martha thanks to PBS SoCal and Pretend City.

We also got to take Daddy to Pretend City for the first time.

My crown broke so I had to spend my
Monday afternoon in the dentist's chair:(

Tuesday we had a play date with just ourselves at the
the splash park.

Well, some other kids were there too :)

I rejoined the ranks of Soccer Mom for another season.

Isabella decided to pack herself for our trip.
She donned her Lid and backpack and said she was ready!

Wednesday night we partied in the hot tub.

Thursday we hit the road and headed to Oregon.

We saw this disturbing dumpster outside
a Carl's Jr in Stockton.

We arrived late, but it was gorgeous!

The road to the camp was spooky and fun!

life rearranged


Anonymous said...

just happened to stumble upon your insanely CUTE blog! i LOVE it! :)

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