Thursday, September 08, 2011

Insta Friday: September 9, 2011

What an eventful week we had!!!
First, we hopped in the car last Thursday and
drove 906+ miles to Oregon up the I-5.
It was a beautiful drive.

Except we saw a disturbing dumpster
outside a Carl's Jr. in Stockton.

We arrived in the evening and I fell in love instantly.

The road to the camp is SPOOKY at night :)

Friday we kicked it around the camp.
I showed everyone my MAD archery skills.

The Boy made a new best friend with one
of the boys camping with his family.

We ventured to the Confidence Course.

The Boy had a grand time pretending to be Tarzan.

It was quite entertaining.
(This is as far as they got.)

The pond looked gorgeous.

So The Boy convinced his Grandpa to take him out for a boat ride.

The Girl was in love with the "Doll House".

And The Boy enjoyed the rope swing.

Saturday we headed into to town to visit Lone Pine Farms.
The Boy was smitten with the goats.

I was smitten the blackberries!

We came back and headed for a dip in the pond.

Grandpa braved the zip line.

And so did The Boy!
And The Girl!

We checked out the lovely wading pond after
Grandpa pulled the plug on the big pond
to drain it for the year.

And saw an ENOURMOUS slug!

We explored the trails and visited the amphitheater.

Sunday we went to church.
So that meant I wandered the halls during
Sunday School with The Girl because she wasn't
having any of the going to Nursery in an unfamiliar place.
But the Relief Society lesson was awesome
and the teacher was darling & hilarious.

Sunday evening we had a farewell cook out.

Monday we loaded back in the car for 906+ miles down the I-5.

Mt. Shasta is lovely!

We got a little punchy.

Did cool tricks at Carl's Jr.

Made a pit stop at the Ghiradelli Outlet.

And then almost 940+ miles and 18+ hours later,
we made it home.
Yep, a couple detours, lane closures, and holiday traffic
made it the drive from YOU KNOW WHERE.

Tuesday we did nothing.

Wednesday we had our last playdate of the summer with our favoritest friends.

Thursday my baby boy woke up a Kindergartener!
We had chocolate chip pancakes to celebrate.

He had a fabulous day and I survived.

We celebrated in style.
Salted Caramel Chocolate Frap?
I die.

life rearranged


Anonymous said...

Wow what a fun week y'all had!!!
The dumpster sign was creepy!!! Sad and creepy!!

Laura said...

so I'm just wondering do you ask starbucks to take out the moca in your FRAP? I want to know b/c that looks to die for, yum!!

The Morris Family said...

What an awesome week you had, camping, school, GIANT bluberries (yum) thanks for letting me look!!!

jessica dukes said...

Ha. Loved this blog today. I felt like I wwas reading a story and I kinda was... Happy weekend to you!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! Minus, the holiday traffic of course. That is my FAV frap from Starbucks. Can't wait to have one.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots. Looks like such a great week. Mine are posted here I love how bright and colorful your blog is.

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