Thursday, September 08, 2011

Oregon . . . Oh, How I Love Thee

Over Labor Day weekend we shot up the state
of California to join Grandma & Grandpa A-Team
on their mission in Oregon.

They are serving as the caretakers of a YW Camp
and we wanted to visit and check out
the awesomeness that is Oregon.

Ok, so I didn't know that Oregon was so awesome
until I got there, but I fell instantly in love.
We got there Thursday night about dinner time
and G&G met us in Eugene at Carl's Jr. for dinner - Grandpa's favorite.
Then we headed back to the camp.
It was dark when we got there,
so we hung out and then went to bed.

Friday was a gorgeous day.
We visited the archery range, the confidence course,
and of course the pond!

We also hung out at the wading pond.

The Boy convinced Grandpa to take him out on the pond.

Getting back out was another matter :)

Later that evening we took The Girl to the "doll house".
She would have stayed here the entire trip if she could have.

The Boy enjoyed the rope swing.

Saturday we got up "early" and headed to Lone Pine Farms.
G&G knew that The Boy would {LOVE} this place.
They were right :)

You could put the feed into cups and haul it up to the goats.

This guy looked like he wasn't going to wait for it to come to him!

They had a giant corn field with stalks, but no corn!
We couldn't figure out why, until we realized it was for a corn maze.

I just wanted to lay down in the gorgeous produce and die.
We got blackberries the size of peanuts.

I'd love this water tower in my back yard . . . if I had a yard.

Makin' friends with the goats.

The Girl got brave enough to feed them herself.
She was like, "Did you see me mom?"

When we got back we put on our suits and headed to the pond.

Grandpa tried to get the zip line unlocked.

Will had to lend a hand.

Grandpa went first!

The Boy came next.

He almost had a heart attack out when he had to climb out of the
muddy bottomed pond. He kept saying - It's all muddy!
But he did the zip line 3 or 4 more times.

Will and The Girl came down next.

She told Will, "You are squeezy me too tight, Dad!"

The Boy on another trip down the line.

And another freak out about getting all muddy.

My pretty little lady.

Grandpa had to drain the pond for the season -
Oregon only lets them keep the water dammed
for so many months of the year -
so The Boy squeezed another boat ride out of Dad.

Then he played life guard in the cute tower.

Sunday we went to church and camp home and napped.
That evening we had a camp fire complete with smiles and s'mores.

And a few hot dogs . . .

Three generations of A-team men.
I love it!

I introduced G&G to Reese's Peanut Butter Cup S'mores.

The Boy loved them.

Will roasts the marshmallows just perfectly!
He's my go-to marshmallow roaster.

The Girl skipped the grahams & marshmallows
and just said - Give me the chocolate.


Grandma took The Girl and I on a ride around the meadow
on the Gator.

And she got one more visit to the doll house.

We miss them so much,
but are proud of them for serving the Lord and others.
I loved Oregon so much I would have stayed
there forever if Will would have let me :)
I plan on returning for Spring Break . . . Will thinks otherwise.


Mandy said...

I love all the photos! I had no idea that's where they were on their mission. Sounds like an awesome time. PS I love how it snows on your blog. :)

Laura said...

Misson?? How awesome is that?! Where do I sign up in 20 years

Brittanie said...

we've lived in Oregon my whole life, I can't imagine NOT living here! Hope you get to come back again soon!

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