Monday, September 12, 2011

The First Day . . . of School that is

We started the day with a smile . . .
a Mickey Mouse chocolate chip pancake smile!

The Boy was thrilled.
I surprised him with a special breakfast for his special day.

The Girl wouldn't be left out of the photo op :)

He looked so handsome,
with his spikey - not church hair - 'do.

Of course I was a manic trying to get out the door on time.
Of course I was a procrastinator an didn't make this sign until 15
minutes before we needed to walk out the door.
Of course my printer was REFUSING to print.
Of course I started sweating profusely as my anxiety sky rocketed.

He picked out his shirt -
because Batman is the coolest, or so I've been told.

He wanted to show off his new Lightning McQueen backpack.

Will joined us for the big day.

My friend Kirsten snapped a family photo.

Sweet anticipation.

Little S is in our ward, lives in our neighborhood,
and we carpooled to preschool last year.
I love her.
We are so blessed to have her in our class this year!

Little K was also in preschool with The Boy last year.
She is full of spunk and makes me laugh.
We're excited to have so many friends all together.

Here he goes.
Of course he's the last in line because he's
too busy socializing with all his friends :)

His sweet, sweet teacher greeted him by name.
Or not awesome/sign of trouble because she already know his name?

Just kidding!
She's the one that did his kinder assessment
the week before :)


Jaime said...

First kindergarten, then a mission. Baby steps. Man it's hard on us mamas!!

Mandy said...

Your kids have the best smiles. Seriously. Hooray for kindy! Can't wait to hear about his adventures.

Kirbell said...

Thanks, Kyla! You can just blog for me from now on. :) My favorite quote today, from K telling dad about school. "I have to sit on the rug, and I HATE sitting by boys...except (the boy)."

dancin' momma said...

Yeah for Kindergarten! When did our kids get this old?

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