Saturday, December 31, 2011

Insta Friday: December 30, 2011

I can't believe it's over.
Christmas came and went in a flash.
And Sunday we're leaving 2011 behind.
It was a fabulous year.
The beginning was a little crazy
with The Boy's absence seizure diagnosis,
The Girl's random hand burns,
and The Boy's trip to the ER,
but we finished strong
and had lots of fun in the middle.

The Friday before Christmas we kicked it at Pretend City
and got to see Santa one last time.

They rocked the dance party with the Kazoom Band.

And because The Boy was the best dancer/singer/performer
Nick gave him their CD. The Boy was so thrilled.

I am so grateful for my drive-thru pharmacy.
Seriously awesome.

Christmas Eve meant new jammies from Grandma & Grandpa!

Christmas morning brought lots of excitement.
And coordinating clothes for church :)

Monday was a lazy day with lots of resting
and computer playing on the NEW family computer.

It also meant more fabulous new jammies -
this time from Grandma A-Team.

Tuesday was a family day with a trip to several
parks for lots of fun and bike riding.
It almost ended in tragedy when The Boy crashed
into a thorn bush strategically planted by
the City on a tight curve of the bike/walking
This picture was taken 4 days later.

But Daddy saved the day with ice cream and a trip
to a thorn bush FREE park - as all city
parks should be.

Wednesday Will was back to work and the kids
and worked on clearing out old toys to make
way for new toys.

Thursday was The Girl's Big 3 Birthday!!!!
She kicked it off with a birthday donut.

Then the kids and I headed off to Pretend City
to celebrate and use their birthday tickets.

I found this costume slightly disturbing.

That night when The Girl opened her presents
she was pleasantly surprised to get a dress up
box complete with an Ariel dress.
I think Ariel will be living with us permanently :)

Friday we bought a zoo!

The Boy wishes :)
We joined the local zoo . . .
same difference with less work.


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