Saturday, January 07, 2012

Insta Friday: January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!
How's your 2012 shaping up?

We rang in the NOON Year at Pretend City.
The kids love that place.
They ask to go there daily.
Maybe we should consider becoming members . . .

This little lady made it into the local paper!
Hooray for wearing a mommy-made
outfit that day :)

It was a party in Town Square!

That night we hit Ruby's for dinner.

And played Sorry . . . guess who won?

Only Will and I made it Midnight.
Both the kids pooped out around 11:30.
We tried to rouse The Boy for a drink . . .

It looks like this one drank too much :)

Monday was gorgeous so we headed to the beach!

It was loverly and we all had a smashing time.

The Tall Ships even came out for a battle :)

The Girl is still loving her dress up box.
Belle was the princess of choice on Tuesday.

She got up early, crawled into our bed,
kicked her dad out, and fell asleep.
This is a sweet sight to wake up to.

It has been warm here this week.
The kids decided they wanted to go to Hawaii,
so they threw a Luau in our living room.

How was your week?
life rearranged


Mandy said...

You don't have a membership to pretend city? I thought you did by all the trips you take there! funny.

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