Monday, January 16, 2012

Insta Friday: January 13, 2012

Saturday night
(January 7th)
I introduced The Girl to the tradition of
sponge rollers the night before church.
I spent many a Saturday night having my hair rolled.

I tried to convince her to sleep with this night cap.
That didn't last very long :)

And she continued the tradition of sleeping on sponge rollers.

But it was worth it because Sunday morning
she looked darling for her first day as a Sunbeam.

I started and finished three books this week.

Tuesday I watched my friend's sweet baby girl and little boy.
It was fun to hold a sleeping baby.

Wednesday we had a visit from our friend T
and The Girl was glad to have a playmate for the day.

Will went to the Clippers game that night
and got to try his hand at shooting a free throw.

Thursday Jaime and I traded babysitting so we
could get our color on.
I needed it . . . BAD!

And Friday I was glad to be rocking Blondilocks again :)

Just in time to host The Girl's little friends from
Sunbeams for her Barbie Birthday Playdate.

That night my little lady grew up and gave her dear Pluggies
away for the Pluggy Fairies to take away to babies
that need them.


Melanie and Jared said...

I hope one of my kids has hair long enough to curl one day! So sad we missed her party, im not even going to tell Sasha about it

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