Sunday, February 06, 2011

Adventures in {Urgent Care}: The Girl

I've been meaning to post about this adventure,
and with The Boy's recent adventure,
it reminded me that I never posted about The Girl's Urgent Care adventure.

On Friday night - of course it's a Friday night - we pulled into the garage
after a LONG trip to Costco.
I opened the doors and let the kids out, because Will was home from work
and they were anxious to get inside to see him.
The Girl was the last one out,
and by this time, I was at the back of the van unloading the groceries.

All of the sudden, she starts crying, and telling me that it's hot!
She's on the side of the van, near the tire, and her baby Belle is laying on the ground.
I deduced that she had bent over to pick her up and braced herself
on the side of the van and it was hot.
Will comes down and gets her and I explain that I think she's burned herself.
He takes her upstairs and puts her hand in cold water and
things kind of return to normal for about a half hour.
She eats dinner and what not, but then suddenly it's not okay again.

We look and the tops of all four of her fingers are blistered
and an angry red.
She's in obvious pain and even the cold water isn't helping.
We further decide that her fingers got burned on the
inside of the wheel - in between the "spokes" of the rims -
where the brake pads and such are.
So, we load into the van and head over to Urgent Care.

We wait a LONG time.
Hello! She's burned!
That is not the same as some kid with a cough.
We watch YouTube videos on our phones.
We sing. We walk around.
We finally get in, but by this time - The Girl has had it.

Will keeps The Boy out in the waiting room.
And The Girl and I get into an exam room and wait some more.
She wants her daddy.
She wants her brother.
She wants to go home!

But we finally get seen.
She has 2nd degree burns on all four fingers.
They soak it in Betadine, wrap it up, give us a prescription for antibiotics,
and tell us to come back tomorrow.

She seems pretty content - and really likes the pink bandages she got.
We give her Motrin and hope that will help her sleep through the night.

Saturday we head go to the swap meet for a family outing.
Then Will takes us back to Urgent Care for a follow up visit.
I actually liked this doctor A LOT better.
He said things looked good and told me that if it's going to
get infected, it will happen in the first 3 days, so watch it carefully.
He says to wash it each day and change the dressing.
He says to keep it dry and out of things like sand and sun.
He said to make sure she can bend and wiggle her fingers.
He was really helpful.
He also said that unless it appeared to be getting infected,
that we didn't need to come in again.
Of course, our insurance changed at the beginning of the year
from the HMO we've had for 6 years, to PPO.

Her fingers have healed well.
They didn't get infected.
She's happy and crazy again.


Mandy said...

Poor baby girl!

Jaime said...

Yikes! That was the most random injury ever! You guys are so weird!! LOL Srsly, you guys are getting quite the list over there of weird afflictions. :) Love ya!

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