Thursday, December 22, 2011

Insta Friday: December 16 and 23, 2011

Mama, I forgot to post last week!
Well, I didn't really forget to post,
just ran out of time and then this week
got away from me.

So let's start back at December 9th . . . .

On the 9th, The Girl and I went to the new Deseret Book
while The Boy was kickin' it at Kinder.
Joyfully they had THESE!

That night The Boy busted out his Hot Wheels
track that he got for his birthday.

Saturday morning we went to the Swap Meet
with Aunt H and then came home and
went to the HOA "Holiday" party.

While grocery shopping I remembered
to look for this little lovely in the
in-store Starbucks.
The stingy barista wouldn't give me
a pump for it.

That night we hunted for our Christmas tree.

Monday we had FHE with friends
and my cute friend that hosted let the kids
make these fun edible snowmen for dessert.

Wednesday I got the tree decorated!
And Eugene made himself at home.

Thursday I got these little cuties all finished and ready
for the Cookie Exchange.

I also sported these pretty purple gloves
to make scrubbing the floors not so terrible.

The Cookie Exchange was a big success!
So big, that I forgot to snap a picture DURING
the awesomeness.

But here are the yummy cookies!

And I won these during the handmade gift exchange game.

On Friday, December 16th we bundled
up to do the Kinder carpool drop off -
of course we donned a Lid.

After Kinder holiday party we headed to
Pretend City!

The Girl took the stage.

The Boy took to towing cars.

Then we learned about Las Posadas and did
some art together.

Saturday I spent the afternoon helping my
rad friend Jen decorate for the Ward Christmas party.

Sunday after church -
and after the coolest lesson ever (ie "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" & cookies) -
I stopped at Monica's to pick up this!!!!!!

Sunday night we took the kids and Aunt H
to look at Christmas lights.

And The Boy got to play in faux snow.

Monday it was dueling sewing machines
at Jaime's house while we both made
something amazing.

I just had to snap pics of my crazies,
cuz they're cute like that.

Tuesday was a cookie decorating party for the kids.
My friend Brooke is one brave woman.

That night we stopped at Joann for some supplies,
the line to check out was insane!

Wednesday was an early morning trip to the dealership for an oil change,
a playdate with a cousin, and a trip to Walmart for returns
and allergy medicine.

That afternoon the kids had their dental cleaning
and they both came through like champs.

Thursday I put up my lovelies from Creme de la Gems.
They are so darling!

The Santa Ana winds were wild and ferocious,
but we braved them to go to Downtown Disney
and pick up something for Grandma.
Of course we had to visit Darth.

And there you have the past two weeks!
It's almost Christmas!

life rearranged


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Your week exhausts me. And I thought that I had a busy week.

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