Friday, September 23, 2011

Insta Friday: September 23, 2011

Saturday after soccer,
and before a birthday party,
we squeezed in our city's Emergency Preparedness Fair.
It was awesome.
Firetrucks, bike cops, police dogs . . . a little boy's paradise!
Align Center

This was as close as she would get for a picture :)

(That's Shauncey - she's a search & rescue dog.)

Then we headed to the birthday party,
where we acted all crazy up in there.
Good times.

We finally busted out the hose and
gave the car a shower.
I was secretly holding onto the red Oregon dirt
because it made me smile whenever I looked at it.

Sunday my husband parked next to this car at church.
I want to know how we become besties with the owner.

I tried my hand at braiding for the first time.
She screamed all the way through all 45 seconds of it.
(And maybe I did too & had flashbacks to 1984.)

Did you all celebrate talk like a pirate day on Monday?
I wanted The Boy to wear his Pirate 'Stache shirt,
but he'd worn it and hid it in his room,
so it never made it to the laundry :(
So it was a basketball shirt instead.

But I did survey the damage a 2.5 year old and 17 month
old made that day.
Did I do anything about it?
Nope, that's what the 5.5 year old is for.
He is such a GREAT BIG AWESOME helper.

Tuesday the UK coach helped the team practice.
So fun.
The kids loved his accent.

Wednesday I rocked a school volunteer badge for the first time.

And the girl rocked her first dance class!

Wednesday was stressful for various - self inflicted - reasons
and so after I finally made it home and sat down,
I did so with a nice mug of hot cocoa.
It's the little things.

Thursday was less stressful and lots more fun,
mostly because Jaime came over and helped me make this.
She rocks.

(This is not the final product - just the first of several prototypes)

life rearranged


Jaime said...

I so love reading these. I always think I know everything that happened but you've got adventures up your sleeve hidden in the instagram. ;) I've got to get with the program and do it too!

The Morris Family said...

Enjoyed looking at all the pictures!!!

I need to learn how to braid across like that!!! Pretty!!!

Three's 4 Me said...

Dropping in from Instafriday! What a precious pair of kiddos you have!

Kristi Smemoe said...

The people who drive that car are in our ward. They bring Hi chews to every FHE in the park. :)

Cherish said...

The emergency fair looks like tons of fun!

Anna said...

(coming from Life Rearranged! :)} your daughter is adorable in her dance outfit!!! and the braid is super cute! I braid my daughter's hair (2 1/2) a lot, and you'll both get used to it. :) And LOVE the cardi you have on in the photo! super cute!! where'd you find that?? :D

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