Friday, September 16, 2011

Insta Friday: September 16, 2011

It's Friday!

Last Friday I had this folder
of school documents to sort through,
read, sign, and return.

My handsome guy wore his Scooby Doo t-shirt.

We made a fun Back to School Survival Kit
for The Boy's teacher.
If you want the printables to make your own - GO HERE!

Will took us out to El Far!!! for a celebration dinner.
We brought Aunt H to join in on the fun.

Check out this Nacho Supreme appetizer.
We should have stopped here.

We came home and had fun at the hot tub
with glow sticks.

Saturday we had our first soccer game . . . in the rain.

And we enjoyed the rain . . . while it lasted.

We used it as an excuse to bust out the Cocoa Latte machine.

The Girl slept with a bun in her hair,
and in the morning she had voluminous hair.

Monday I started packing The Boy's lunch Bento-style.

And he wore his super heroes shirt.

Tuesday was our first day that homework was due,
so he rocked his "A Wookie ate my homework" shirt.

This was Tuesday's Bento.

Tuesday was soccer practice.
It has been so awesome to see The Boy come out of his
shell and enjoy the game and get in there.

Here's Wednesday's lunch.

I had to go to the dentist today for the final adjustments on my new crown,
so rad Jaime came over to watch the kids.
Then we all went to Chick-fil-a thanks to Jaime.
She rocks.
And that night we did craft's the youth from church.

Thursday's lunch.

I spent Thursday morning with just The Girl and me.
It was so fun.
She helped me run errands and get ready for the
crafty get together that evening.
I sewed up some gifties for my friends that were coming.

Late afternoon I went back to the dentist to
get my crown cemented in.
This is the view from the chair.

Thursday night we got our craft and grubbin' on!

My super cute friend Kara Noel taught
us some awesome crafts.

I sprayed painted for the first time.
No joke.

I gave the girlies their gifties and made them model
them for me.

Friday's Bento - so fun! I'm loving it.

Friday is my day to drive carpool.
Five 5 year olds + one 2 year old = AWESOME.
And lots of shocked looks from the other parents.
I had one mom say, "Oh - you're the BIG carpool."
Um, isn't that the purpose of carpool?
Pack it til it's full, baby!

The Girl and I went to the park.
She even got to swing.

This just looked so cute when I was waiting
for the Kinders.

Hello $.99 store WOOD earrings.

life rearranged


The Morris Family said...

Love all the lunch ideas!!! So yummy!!

and the little sweet thing with the beautimous hair....LOVE!!!!

Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy seeing all the instafriday posts!!!

Jaime said...

You still amaze me. Those bento lunches are off the chart! We missed coming to your house this Wednesday for our weeky dentist date. LOL

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