Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tiny Dancer

This post is completely for the Grandparents :),
but she just looks too dang cute not share.

Last week The Girl took one step closer to being a big girl,
and started dance class.
I know, I know.
She's not even three yet,
but she just needed something to call her own.

She's not big enough for school.
She's not big enough for soccer.
But she thinks she's big :)

So when the dance teacher said she was big enough for dance,
I jumped at the chance.

She was so excited!
We got her a leotard & tights.
We still need to get ballet & tap shoes.

He didn't want to be left out :)

She loved trying on the leotards.
She settled on a pink one -
though black did have the vote for a few minutes.

She gave me the thumbs up when I said
I'd be back for her in a little bit.

She love the entire class
and loved all her friends.

I love my tiny dancer,
that is finally big enough for something of her own.


Jaime said...

So jealous!! Can't wait!! She looks darling. :)

dancin' momma said...


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