Thursday, November 05, 2009

October - Out with a Bang!

So, October ended in a whirlwind of activity and it was totally awesome. The October/November/December time of year is my most favorite and I totally love to run from one activity to the other. However, by the end of Halloween week I was totally pooped and vowed to take it easy this week. I have kept pretty much to my vow, but I hosted book club on Tuesday so there was lots to be done for my big party - Capitol style.

So here's a quick recap of what we were up to. (I've done a lot of posts like this lately.)

Wednesday 10/28 night - I made pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes with apple cider syrup and they were SUPER tasty! I got the recipe from my cousin on a food blog I'm a contributor to.Thursday 10/29 - The Boy had his Halloween party at school and was super excited to wear his costume. When I picked him up he told me it was the best Halloween party ever! He took a treat to share with his friends and we made Tootsie Pop Ghosts.
My apple cider doughnuts

Pictures from Treats in the Streets at the Circle

Friday 10/30 - The kids slept in monkey jammies on Thursday night and I thought they looked so cute on Friday morning I snapped a few pictures.

That night I took the kids to our Stake Trunk or Treat and The Boy made out like a bandit. His pumpkin was full and heavy. Once Will got home from work we sped up to Wtown to meet Grandma and Grandpa at their ward Halloween party. We missed the games and cake walk (sad!) but we walked in just in time for the costume contest.

The Boy and his BFF - no matchy costumes this year!

Look at my darling nephew in his Elvis costume. Rock on!
The Girl won!

Saturday 10/31 - This was a really wild day! Will had his last building cleaning that morning, so I couldn't do my long run early. Then the insurance lady came to do our work up for our policy. Then as soon as she left I took off for my 6 miler. Well, it turned into a 7 miler! AHHHHH! I was running the "Loop" because I heard it was about 5 miles and I thought it would take me about .5 to get there - nope it takes a little over a mile to get there from my house. So, 6 miles became 7 and I struggled through the last mile, but I made it home. I showered, put the kids down for a nap and relaxed. That night we went trick or treating with friends and had lots of fun.
Tomorrow I just might blog again - stay tuned :)

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Theresa said...

Holy cow! Pun intended, lol. She IS so cute. But something just came to me. When another kid comes along, are they gonna be The Girl #2 or The Boy #2? Silly question

Crystal said...

I'm so glad she won, you are so awesome! Also, I was so sad when hoween was over because Daisy couldn't wear her new bows anymore, so this a plea for some awesome christmas ones! :)

Crystal said...

And also, SEVEN MILES?! You are my hero.

T-Fam said...

I love your kids costumes. They are so cute! It also looks like you had a fun Halloween.

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