Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party - Take I

We had our first Halloween party of the season on Saturday. We went back to W-town to our old ward to hang with family and friends. I didn't put The Boy in his costume until we got to the building, because I didn't want to make him upset before I absolutely had to. However, once he got his costume on and saw how cool he looked, he was totally fine. I finished that morning - just in the nick of time. All the way to the party he was asking if his friend Sariah was going to be there and I told him I thought so. Last year, randomly, he came as The Scarecrow and she same as Dorothy - no planning involved. This year he came as Peter Pan and she came as Tinkerbell. It was so fun! I couldn't get either of them to stand still to get a good picture, but here's my best attempt.
He was very proud of his sword.
How cute are these two?
Here's my costume this year:)

I got some other sewing done yesterday night for my Etsy shop - Funky Polkadot Giraffe. You should stop by and see the two new sets I put up and send your friends! LOL Also, my friend that does bows is back to selling! Yea! So check her out HERE to see what she's put up next. Her blog is also cool because she teaches you to make bows too. I'm going to be trying the korkers as soon as I get to the wholesale ribbon shop this week.

Darling Mary Janes - I'm actually going to try and make some!
A blingy pluggy clip - love it!

And because I can't just go to Etsy without browsing, I decided to share some of the things I added to my favorites this weekend. When I was a baby I had a baby bracelet and I'd really like to get one as a keepsake for our little girl. Obviously I will have to pick her name before we can order it, but there are 3 different styles. Which one do you like best? Vote in my poll and let me know. Obviously the cheapest one is appealing, but let me know which style you like best.

Option #1

Option #2
Option #3Enjoy your Halloween week. We are without a daddy this week as he is out of town for training, so hopefully things will roll along smoothly and happily!


Davis Family said...

I like number 3 the best - but all are cute. i'll make you a binky holder.

Vivian said...

Those are all so cute! The photos of the Boy are so adorable.

Now go check out my blog because you have been tagged.

Mama said...

such a cute costume. good job little lady.

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