Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just a Few Quirks

So I was thinking today about a couple more quirks that I have. I got some fabulous hand-me-down baby girl clothes from some friends and I had to wash them again. Why? They were perfectly clean and smelled nice, but they didn't have my laundry smell. I'm a freak - I know. I like the perfect blend of Tide with Bounce dryer sheets and anything else I really can't stand. Freaky. I can also do a non-scented laundry soap combined with Bounce, but that's about it.

And of course, because I've waited to blog about this until tonight, I can't remember what the other quirk was. Oh, this pregnant/mommy brain of mine!

Today I took The Boy to have his 3 year old pictures taken. He did so well and he looked so handsome! Out of the 15 some shots she took, there were only like 3 that I didn't want. He was just too adorable. I was so proud of him. Of course, by the time he waited for me to proof and choose the pictures he was in meltdown-I need my lunch-and a nap mode, but during the photo shoot he was an angel. Phew!

We went for our mommy walk/run this morning and he was so excited when we left the house to run. However, when it came his turn to "run like a cheetah" he just cried and bellyached the entire way home. I had to cheer him all the way there. Luckily, Will was leaving just as we "ran" up, so he got to say goodbye to his daddy and that seemed to make everything all better.

Tonight I made homemade cranberry sauce and I might squeeze in making slush, too. Tomorrow The Boy and I are making pies. Yum! And on Thanksgiving I just have to make the rolls. I love baking! So fun!


Jaime said...

I'm the same way. So when I give you my clothes, they'll be clean, but wash away! I understand.

Vivian said...

Oooh, the boys are so excited about the slush your making.

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