Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woo-hoo! Edward! ::giggle::

Friday night was Twilight Night and it was oh, so fun! I was the first one to arrive at 5:30 and the line was already started. My sister-in-law and her friend showed up around 6:00 and my cousin came not long after that. We decided it was time for a little bit of food, since we hadn't eaten yet and so my cousin and I headed to Daphne's for some grub while my SIL stayed in line with her friend. Mmmmm . . . . the food was good, but it took them an awfully long time to make mine. Seriously. My cousin had her food in like 5 minutes and then we waited around for another 10 for mine to be done.

When we got back with our food, the rest of our group had shown up. Then, my SIL and her friend took off for some food. We were at the point in the line where there was a break so that foot traffic could get through to purchase tickets. When I started in line, I was in the 2nd half of the break, but when I got back, the majority of our group was in the 1st half of the line. So, after my cousin I finished eating, we decided to join them. A few more people showed up and just then I got a text from my SIL that said, "The ladies behind us are getting mad that our group is getting bigger." Uh-oh! However, their group had gotten bigger too, so they couldn't complain too much. Just then, this group of about 5 teenagers tries to congeal to the back of our group. I can see the ladies behind us getting antsy and upset. So, I decide to make peace and I kindly tell the children that this isn't the end of the line and that it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back there. They are like, "Oh, really?" Ha! Then they moved:)

This is the line in front of us, getting ready to go in!
There was another teenage couple that tried it and I kindly pointed them in the direction of the REAL end of the line. I'm so considerate, huh? When we got into the theater we were lucky enough to get a group of seats together in 3 rows. The movie was fun and very entertaining. Not as magical for me as the book (of course), but it was cool to see it played out on the silver screen. I think there was a little bit of overacting, and Jasper looked like someone had shoved a stick up his rear, but other than that it was good, clean entertainment and I'm ready for New Moon!

My cousin and me being CRAZY before the show starts.

Yesterday I was taking pictures of various things and The Boy says, "Hey, mommy, take a picture of me!" However, he wanted to run in circles and have me take pictures. So, they are blurry, but pretty cute!

Today I worked on getting the nursery organized. I'm about 1/2 done and hoping to finish the rest by Tuesday. I'm getting excited and nervous for this little munchkin to make her appearance. It's only 5 weeks away and there is still so much to do. This week I will get the two rooms switched, so that I can stop confusing The Boy when I tell him to go put away his toys in his room. He looks at me and says, "In my room or MY room?" LOL

My favorite thing he says right now is, "I like 'em thick. I like 'em chunky." If you've seen Madagascar II, you'll know he's imitating Moto Moto. It's pretty hilarious. I'll have to try and get it on a short video so you can see his insanity. I also figured out where he got his statement, "It's very true to be." Well, at least that's what I thought he was saying, but on Friday, I figured out otherwise. In the song Popular from "Wicked", there is a line that says, "It's very shrewd to be . . ." He was singing along with the song - as usual - and when it came to that part of the song, I totally picked up on him trying to sing those words and it sounds just like when he says, "It's very true to be, mommy." He'll say that to me when he doesn't want to be doing what I'm asking him to do, so I don't know what he really thinks "it's very shrewd to be" means, but it's still funny.

Here are the three pictures I've taken of myself during the pregnancy. It's kind of fun to see the growth. Wow! I have really popped


karen said...

WOW.. how many showings did that place you went to were showing twilight ?? The movies by my house had 5 showings and of course they were sold out as I heard.. So we went on Friday night and it wasn't that bad at all. I guess with 5 showings (30 min apart) helped avoid that long line you were talking about :)

Did you like the movie ?? a Lot of people here were "disappointed".. They also are making New Moon, # 3, # 4, etc. I don't know how it will be in New Moon without Edward..

Jaime said...

Fun pregnancy progress pics!

dancin' momma said...

I felt pretty much the same as you about the movie. I couldn't help but enjoying it even though I was fully expecting not to. I want to go read twilight (for the third time). And you are about the cutest prego person I have ever seen!!

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