Friday, November 21, 2008

Hawaiian Lullabies Are Magic

That's what I learned today. Well, actually yesterday, but I tried it again today and again - MAGIC! The Boy has started fighting going down for a nap. When we started napping in the big boy bed, I'd lay next to him for about 10 minutes and he'd pass out. Sometimes I read a story and sometimes I just passed out with him. It was nice. Well, last week he started refusing to nap 2 out of 7 days. This week he did it on Wednesday - he laid in there for 2 hours - and then he tried it again yesterday. However, he had a playdate at a friend's house last night while her mom and I went to a party and the dad stayed home to watch them, so I refused to let him not nap. So, I broke out my old nap trick of the Hawaiian Lullaby "Pearly Shells". I sing it in English and in Hawaiian and it has always worked magic for any baby/kid that needs to sleep. The Boy was no exception. I sang that diddy through about 4 times and he passed out. Today I didn't waste anytime. I'm going out with the ladies tonight to see Twilight (WAHOO!) and he's staying home with Will, so I want him in a good mood to hang out with his dad. I didn't even get through the 2nd time and he was snoring up a storm. Thank goodness for Hawaiian Lullabies.

I'm in love! With THIS new line at Crazy8. Have you heard of Crazy8? It's to Gymboree what Old Navy is to Gap. They have darling clothes and if you wait until the line goes on sale, you can get amazing deals. I worked at Gymboree for a summer and learned they rotate through lines pretty quickly and as it moves down the wall it gets cheaper and cheaper. They have one in the Main Place Mall for all you locals. Here are my favorite pieces:
Aren't they so cute? And they are purple ::sigh:: I love purple.

I have other things to share, but I can't remember what they were. I will be back tomorrow to share my Twilight excitement and photos. I think I'll bust out my "I *Heart* Edward* button in honor of the evening. Too bad I don't have a prom dress to wear. WAHAHAHAHA!

P.S. Argghh!!! I am so mad! I only got to Part II of The Hunger Games and it had to be returned to library yesterday. There are no copies available and I am 4th on the waiting list now. I'm just getting to the "games" and now I have to wait. The library is fabulous, but sometimes it stinks!


Crystal said...

8 months pregnant in a prom dress. I would PAY MONEY to see that :)

Deb said...

Hope you enjoyed Twilight as much as I did. I LOVED "Hunger Games" both girls read it too. Great book. Lucky about naps starting to dwindle...Mak is the only one who still napped at 4..the others were just 2! Sorry missed you shower!

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