Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thank-You-Givings Day!

Well, after 3 days of baking/cooking/preparing it's all over:( We were talking tonight about how much time we put into everything and it's over in less than an hour. We had dinner with Will's brother's family, but we ate upstairs in our old apartment. No one is living there right now and with the amount of people we had (22) it was the perfect amount of open space. We had high hopes for eating outside, but it rained the past 2 days and it was just too wet and little chilly to eat outdoors.

The food was fabulous! I was in love with the turkey and the sweet potatoes. Yum! I made my Grandma's homemade dinner rolls, pies (pumpkin, french apple, and banana cream), homemade cranberry sauce, and slush. I had to make slush. Last year I showed up at Thanksgiving at my BIL's house and my nephew said, "Aunt K, where's the slush?" I had totally spaced it and he was really disappointed. The rolls were a big hit, but we still ended up with too many at the end because the parents had rationed the kids to eat more than rolls. I wish they hadn't! I quadrupled the batch just so we'd have enough. I was downstairs for a little by myself getting the pies ready and my SIL's little sister kept coming in for rolls and each time she'd say, "Just one more!" It was funny. I left a bunch with my SIL, froze a bag and left a bag out for Will and The Boy to munch on. Last year I took pictures of all the things I made, but this year I didn't. I did take a picture that I'll share tomorrow that is kind of funny. I brought my camera So,to the dinner, but I got to wrapped up in the eating, serving, and watching The Boy that I forgot to take pictures.

S0, anyone braving Black Friday sales tomorrow? I think I'm going to Kohl's bright and early and Will is going to try Walmart with his sister. We'll see what we come out with. I think I'll also go to Target and see if anything is left. Good luck on your BF quests!


Mandy said...

Just online BF sales. I now own FOUR Santa kits. I think I need to stop now. :)

amyminette said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. Are your in-laws still at the PO box in Harvey? Email me at

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