Saturday, August 04, 2012

Insta Friday: August 3, 2012

 Don't be jealous of my mad wrapping skills.
My craft supplies are in the closet at church.
It's the thought that counts, right?

The fabulous Kara Noel hosted the most amazing Pinterest party
at her home and I made this fun piece of art.

She was also the birthday girl and the recipient of 
the awesomely crafted package above :) 

I also adore my succulent garden that I made at the party -
complete with a hot pink frog.
Sunday I made the Fam a delicious peach crunch cake.

Monday it was back to the infamous green smoothie.


And it was back to crafting awesome hair for The Girl.

AND I also gave in to taking the kids to the pool after a 3 day
recovery period from Hero Camp :)
Tuesday brought another awesome hairdo.
Can' you tell she's thrilled?

And a trip to the library.
Seven days to read almost 600 pages?
Not gonna happen.
I see library fines in my future :)

And a mani Monday on a Tuesday.

Wednesday brought more green smoothies.

And a trip to the Big Red Bucket thanks to . . .

. . . our fabulous friends!

And a stop at the Devil.
When will this promotion end?

And a little of this.

And a party with the Beehives.
Love those girls.
Love that The Boy looks disgusted.

Thursday brought Foil Pilgrim (as Jaime calls it)
with my FAVORITE hair girl.
For reals.
If you need a hair girl, call me, I'll hook you up.

And a trip to the park with One Direction on
the radio on the trip home.

Friday brought a trip to the Lagoon with
our Big Red Bucket friends.

And a much needed nap.

And a late bedtime because of the much needed nap :)

How was your week? 
life rearranged


Jaime said...

Seeing this post made me happy! I'm glad we had so much fun this summer! I really need to read blogs again and do insta-friday. :)

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