Monday, June 18, 2012

May 2012: Catching Up

Ok, so now that we're halfway through June,
here comes the May update via Instagram.

I was in charge of decorating The Boy's Kinder
door for Staff Appreciation Week.
So I whipped up a little pennant.
April 30th

It's so cute and it's still up today!
April 30th

I love this illustration The Boy did for his book report. 
Can you guess what the book is?
May 1st

The Girl finished up her dance class.
May 1st

I finished the 2012 calendar.
It's a Festivus Miracle!
May 1st

We appreciated our teachers some more!
May 3rd

We started to enjoy the pool.
May 5th

We visited Meringue Bake Shop at the farmer's market.
May 5th
The Girl got her recital costume - third time's a charm!
May 8th

We took our friends to the pool.
May 9th

And the pool and friends exhausted us :)
May 9th

I made some lovelies for Mother's Day.
May 10th

The Girl held preschool at park day.
May 11th

The Boy got an early summer cut.
May 11th

We enjoyed Happy Hour at Starbucks.
May 11th

The Girl did fabulous at her first dance recital!
May 12th

I cleaned the carpets.
May 14th

We saw The Lorax at the $2 theater - in 3D! 
And we all made it through and enjoyed it.
May 16th

We enjoyed the pool some more.
May 17th

We treated The Boy's teacher to Casey's Cupcakes for her birthday.
May 18th

We finished off the day at the park.
May 18th

We had date night at the Temple.
May 19th

We built Lego Pirate Ostriches :)
May 22nd

We enjoyed the pool . . . again!
May 22nd

We finished up baseball season.
May 22nd

We got a cute invite to Open House.
May 23rd

We celebrated the end of baseball season in style - thanks to Lady Cupcake!
May 23rd

And of course, he got another trophy for his collection.
May 23rd

The drive to W-town can be SO long :)
May 24th

We had an awesome Open House!
May 24th

Complete with a self-portrait.
May 24th

We spent our day off at the zoo.
May 25th

And celebrated a friend's birthday in style!
May 26th
May 26th

I ate at a fancy restaurant before seeing a show.
May 26th

I enjoyed a sweet lesson taught by a 14 year old girl.
May 27th

I scared myself . . . on purpose.
May 28th

And that's it for May!
May 29th


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