Sunday, August 12, 2012

Insta Friday: August 10, 2012

 We started last weekend off right with some Swedish piggies :)
That afternoon we had Will's family over for a swim
and some pizza - it was so much fun!
I also caught the late afternoon Hunger Games showing with Jaime. 

 Every Monday I say I am going to paint my nails,
and then I get to busy to do it.
Since we have 9am church we're home by noon and 
I have an entire afternoon of freedom, so I've declared
Sunday afternoon MANI time!

 The Girl definitely enjoys it :)
If you add bananas to it, it's healthy, right?

 Monday The Girl rocked her first swimming lesson
with puffy braids and got moved up a class because
she's such a water baby.

 I made some delicious bread to take to a playdate with friends.

It was a HOT week.
I know my AZ friends think I'm a sissy, but
my SoCal blood just isn't used to this heat.

We spent the afternoon with our friends at their cool water park.

And then she treated us to dinner at Chick Fil A!
I forgot to show off my new hair do - love it!

Tuesday after swimming lessons I went to an event for - it was super fun to see a current movie in
a mommy friendly setting.

I also started working on the kids' summer sewing project for me.

Wednesday we were back to swimming lessons with
some fun french puffy braids.

And we hit up Meringue Bake Shop's food cart!

Thursday it was back to swimming lessons again with
meet in the middle hair.

And a hot tip from Jaime sent us to Jamba Juice for $1 days.

That afternoon we had a swimming playdate.

With all this hair doing we needed some more tools of the trade,
so I grabbed some at the beauty store.

Friday morning the kids were begging for another Jamba Juice,
so since they were only a $1 I had to oblige to these cute faces.

I wasn't feeling so hot on Friday, so we stuck close to home
and I kept it simple with some twists.

  I also finished up the summer sewing project.
Meet Platty and Plato.
life rearranged


Cindy said...

You have to be the best mom ever!!! you are so crafty and fun!!! I need to live closer to you, so your craftiness can rub off on reading about what you and the family are up to.

Kikal said...

I'm loving the girl's hair!

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