Friday, August 17, 2012

Insta Friday: August 17, 2012

Saturday The Girl was in a photo shoot for my
friend Tracy's jewelry line - Creme de la Gems
with several other darling girls.

On the way home I saw this sweet Chopper.
Be. Still. My. Heart.

That afternoon we went to the neighborhood BBQ. 

And I gave the platypuses some rad button eyes.

Sunday I gave myself a mani and we had our friend RW
over for dinner since he was in town for business.

Monday brought a diagonal pull throughs for swim lessons.

And that evening I went to an early screening for THIS
fantastic movie.

I highly recommend it.
Take some kleenex.
And if you are or have experienced infertility
or it's close to your
heart, you may want to wait to see it in the privacy of your
own home.

Tuesday brought french pull throughs for swim lessons.

And a trip to the water park with lots of fantastic friends.

And a trip to this place with extra friends so their mama
could get some rest.

And I finished one book and started another.

Wednesday I got physical with the Seniors while the kids 
had their swimming lessons.
It was a lot of fun and it requires that the kids sit
and entertain themselves for about 30 minutes after their
lessons are done.
They did a fabulous job and all the Seniors kept complimenting
me on what great kids that I have.

That night I made this deliciousness for a twilight swim with the Young Women.
The recipe will be coming soon!

The kids loved warming themselves by the fire after the swim.

Thursday brought an improvised hair style that I'm
calling "Puppy Ears" :)

And a first time (and only time) trip down Big Blue for one.

And a million + 1 trips down Big Blue for the other.

Friday brought messy outdoor fun and then a shower
in the hose to clean up said fun.

life rearranged


Kikal said...

You had Ron Weasley to dinner? I'm soooo jealous! Also I love The Girl's smile.

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