Monday, September 10, 2012

Farewell to Summer {2012}

 We almost did everything on our Summer Bucket List,
and I have declared it a successful summer :)

We squeezed in one last twilight swim and BBQ with friends.
 And I made delicious treats.

We made a trip to the Happiest Hour on Earth 
after one last trip to the water park.
The Boy attended his first Garden Party and rocked
his style Fedorable.

 I got to check one last item off the bucket list
and it was a delicious choice.

I'm still doing fun hair and now we're using the Knot Genie
to nip those tangles in the bud.

We made a trip to Pretend City to get a sneak peek of
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
 I do not approve of the current (never ending) heat wave.

And I chaperoned a youth dance.
I feel old.

Little Miss rocked some messy buns.

I forgot to record the new season!!!
Luckily there was an encore presentation :)

And The Girl rocked a different version of messy buns for church.

I got in the spirit of Back to School!

Labor Day brought diagonal pull-throughs, a BBQ and swim party
with the A-team (including my MIL&FIL!!!!) and a nap.
 We had amazing shaved ice at Sno2Go.
 We got our soccer uniforms and declared ourselves
the Dynamite Dragons.

While The Girl declared herself Pinkalicious.

We had our first Back to School Feast - complete with fancy crowns :)

And The Girl had a fabulous french twist.

My baby boy started First Grade.
 So I consoled myself with brunch with the REAL
Real Housewives of the OC posse :)

The Girl sported another version of messy buns.

And we closed out the summer - or opened the Fall - 
with water games with the youth.

I schmoozed the office staff with some snickerdoodle bread.

 And we got to preview Finding Nemo 3D with our friends
at the Disney Studios in Burbank.

I made some delicious Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade.
It's totally divine.
The Boy  had his first soccer game of the new season and
 I think the Mexican food the night before did me in,
and Saturday I was feeling terrible.
Curse you, diverticulitis!
My darling Will took the kids to the park and Boomers
so I could rest and let the voodoo oil work its magic.
 I'm so glad that my mother-in-law is back!!!
And that she served a mission in the fruit mecca of the 
Pacific Northwest :)


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