Monday, March 19, 2012

Insta Friday: February and March Catch Up

I bet you thought we moved to Antarctica where there
is no internet access :)

So back to Friday, February 18th -
we all got sick.
This little lady passed out playing her Leapster.

It wiped us out for over a week.
The insane price of gas did nothing to make
us feel any better.

Will had his Blue & Gold celebration
on February 21st.
They did a birthday party theme,
and the cute Den Mother put on an awesome magic show.
My kids were totally in awe of her skills.

We waited for carpool while sucking down
our favorite new thing - applesauce in a pouch.

February 23rd we started t-ball!
This year we're the Giants - hooray!

That night was the first meeting of dinner club.
Can you guess where we went?

Ah, yeah!
I got my chicken and waffle on at Bruxie.

Feburary 24th The Girl had a double princess party
to attend while The Boy was at kinder.
Isn't Snow White adorable?
Both of them :)

I spent the rest of afternoon enjoying a book
while the kiddos went to a little party/playdate
with friends.

That weekend I painted The Girl's nails all sparkly -

On Wednesday, February 28th we woke up to this nonsense.

They ripped out all of our great shade trees.
I promptly emailed the Association for an explanation.
They said the trees were diseased and dying.

That night I went to LA for the Biggest Baby Shower Ever.
No, that's not an announcement :)
I was covering the event as Press - fun, huh?

The kids were excited the next morning when
they got to share in the spoils I received the night before.

Leap Day came and went and we did nothing extraordinary.

On March 1st I decided that The Boy needed
something awesome to wear for Dr. Seuss Day
the next day, so we headed to the fabric store.
The kids got to peruse the fish store as a reward
for being good.

I got to stay up all night making rad pajama bottoms.

But we kicked Dr. Seuss' birthday in style!!!!

And we had a Seuss-tastic feast to remember!

We survived our second Opening Day - pictures, parade, and all!

Monday night I got my crafty craft on with Heidi
after the kids went to bed.
She made a fabulous tutu wreath.
We laughed until near 3am.

On March 6th The Girl started her new dance class.
We lost our favorite Miss Cammy to an unexpected move :(
The Girl is still sad about it.
When we pulled up to class that day she said,
"I think Miss Cammy will be there!"
Luckily, she like her new teacher and had a good time.

I was inspired by my midnight crafting soiree,
and made this lovely ruffled thing the next afternoon.

March 8th I had a crafty lunch date with Kara-Noel and Jaime.
Kara-Noel supplied the supplies for a St. Pat's garland,
and helped me finish my sign from January's Pinterest Party.

Friday, March 9th was the Primary Music Share.
It was adorably hilarious
and the The Boy was definitely in his element.



heidi said...

you amaze me with your talents!:)

T-Fam said...

Fun love the crafts.

Kikal said...

Hey we're halfway through April now - we need a new post! LOL, I'm one to talk.

Cindy said...

what does one do at 'dinner club'? that sounds like a club I'd be interested in forming in the midwest:) your kids are getting so big...and you are as creative as ever!! love seeing all your stuff.

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